Following my experience at ELAN Cafe, I was a bit hesitant about trying out another pink flowery Instagram cafe in London. But sometimes it’s still hard to resist from the prettiness and, who knows, the place might be good, right? So here I find myself at Saint Aymes, yet another flowery Instagram cafe to see whether it’s worth the hype.

Saint Aymes is situated at the Connaught Village by Marylebone and it was surprisingly not so crowded when we visited. We managed to grab a table outdoors on a Sunday morning and there didn’t seem to be a massive queue for the place even though the shop was undoubtedly busy inside. The outdoors is very pretty, featuring its insta-worthy wisteria-laced facade that has made into every Instagram photo backdrop. The interior of the shop is just equally beautiful, following a pastel pink-and-white colour theme, with adorable cakes and unicorn cookies laid out by the display counter. In addition, there’s a flower wall of peonies and hydrangea behind a plush sofa for even more photo opportunities.

Cupcakes and cakes display at Saint Aymes Cafe

The cafe follows this “Magic You Can Touch” concept, creating an enchanting environment and setting, paired with a menu of “edible art”. As expected, the menu is on a slightly pricier end for a cafe. We went for a quick bite and kept things simple (and wallet-friendlier).

Unicorn Latte (£7.45)

Unicorn Latte at Saint Aymes Cafe

The Unicorn Latte is an iconic item of the cafe and part of the 24ct Gold drinks menu. By that, it means the drink is topped with edible 24ct gold. You get to choose from either pink or blue colour for your Unicorn Latte. Naturally, between the two of us, we got one pink and one blue.

The lattes come in a tall cup, its colour super vibrant, and simply topped with whipped cream and a touch of gold. The espresso is served on the side and to be stirred in separately.

Flavour-wise, it’s not your classic coffee. The coffee itself was stronger than anticipated, though per expectation it was relatively on the sweet side. And everything simply tastes better with whipped cream, doesn’t it? It’s actually a decent cup of flavoured coffee, though the gold definitely was more for aesthetic purposes. In overall, I’m kind of pleasantly surprised of it.

Croissant (£2.25)

Croissant and Unicorn Latte at Saint Aymes Cafe

The croissant comes at a decent size. It was fragrant and buttery, but rather too flakey to eat. I ended up with so much crumbs all over the place which I did not enjoy as much!

In summary…

…our visit to Saint Aymes had been a very cute experience, leaving us both happy and satisfied. Yes, it’s totally an Instagram-bait cafe, but the food/drinks haven’t been too bad in all honesty. Unlike my experience at ELAN Cafe, I felt completely ripped off there, whereas I didn’t feel any of that at Saint Aymes. Does the food completely match up with the price tag? Probably not. But most importantly it wasn’t a letdown.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Atmosphere


Nearest station: Marble Arch

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Saint Aymes Cafe Review

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