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Sidechick London is the only side-chick you ever need! If you can’t already tell from the name, Sidechick is a restaurant that specialises in chicken – specifically roast chicken. The easiest way to describe it is that it’s sort of like Nandos, but waaaaaay and miles away better! After the meal, I turned to my husband and said, “no more Nandos now, okay?” He knew I was never the biggest fan of Nandos anyway and he just chuckled. But on a serious note, this is definitely the top halal roast chicken in London we have come across so far.

Sidechick: Sister Restaurant to Patty & Bun

Located in St. Christopher’s Place in Bond Street, Sidechick is situated right next to Patty & Bun which is their sister restaurant. Patty & Bun has been a very successful burger restaurant in London and is known for the prime quality of food it delivers. That’s no exception at Sidechick London. After their successful pop-up, it’s decided that Sidechick needs a permanent restaurant – and yes, they are right!

Sidechick prides itself in serving the juiciest and most delicious cuts of Roast Chicken & fresh vegetables. The restaurant concept was inspired by childhood memories of roast chicken family feasts. It’s about the experience and, of course, all about delivering the best flavours.

The restaurant setting is very casual, with intimate booths against a slightly moody setting. An open kitchen sits at the back of the restaurant where you can peep the chefs busy at work. It spans two floors and also has tables for outdoor seating.

The Food: What We Ordered

The menu at Sidechick London is very simple – choose from half or whole chicken, then pick your flavour, sides, and sauce. Chicken is halal (but double-check with the chicken skin salt fries which weren’t halal at the time of our visit but staff mentioned they are working on making it halal very soon). Alcohol is served at the restaurant.

Half Piri Piri Chicken (£12.50)

A plate of peri peri half roast chicken at Sidechick London

You got three flavours to choose from – Lemon & Herb, Peri-Peri, or Za’atar chicken. We went with Peri-Peri, which consists of a blend of Kashmiri chillies, oregano, red chillies, lemon juice, paprika and garlic.

Cutting straight into the chase, this is possibly the juiciest roast chicken ever. Every bite was soft, tender, succulent, and a clean-tasting of high-quality chicken meat. Now, if you’re looking for super hot spices, you’re only going to get a subtle gentle tease that’s just enough to compliment the chicken. No explosive and extra hotness here, but one for the real quality of chicken to shine.

Crispy Potatoes (£4.50)

A plate of smashed baby potatoes at Sidechick London

For side dish, you have to get the Crispy Potatoes. Perfectly crispy on the outside, beautifully soft and fluffy on the inside, and filled with incredible fragrance, these potatoes are the definition of the perfect roast potatoes side dish. The thyme salt sprinkled all over gave the dish a really nice lift.

Aioli (£2.50)

For sauces, we went with the Aoili, which the staff recommended to pair with the Peri-Peri chicken. We ordered one each but think it would have been sufficient to share one between the two of us.

Elderflower & Soda (£3)

A glass of Elderflower & Soda at Sidechick London

Last but not least, we had the Elderflower & Soda for drinks. Nothing outstandingly spectacular here but a nice little floral fizzy to wrap up the meal.

Restaurant Review Summary

Summing up, we one hundred per cent enjoyed our food at Sidechick London – and indeed, no more Nandos from here on! The price may be a little higher than your typical Nandos but you are paying those extra few pounds for quality that’s more than worthwhile. We were already quite full after the food so didn’t get desserts. But should your stomach allow, they offer Happy Endings ice cream sandwiches as desserts which should be no short of fantastic. If you’re out and about near Bond Street, please do pop by Sidechick for the best roast chicken you can get in London!

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  • Value for Money

Halal Status

Chicken is halal at Sidechick London. Alcohol is served at the restaurant.

Tel: 020 7935 4957
Instagram: sidechickltd

Nearest station: Bond Street

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