*Update: Burgista Bros has been renamed to Siirgista Bros

This review was originally written in November 2015. Since then, Burgusta Bros has been renamed Siirgista Bros for all branches across London. We have visited multiple times over the years (mainly Shepherds Bush, Piccadilly Circus, and Baker Street branches) but, unfortunately, the quality of their food has gone downhill and has only gotten worse and worse year by year. The article below is the original review but we no longer recommend this restaurant.

Siirgista Bros opens in Shepherds Bush

Located along Uxbridge Road at Shepherd’s Bush, this new burger place stood out among the small local businesses around the area. Opening its first branch near the Westfield shopping mall, Burgista Bros has certainly chosen its location wisely to set the business in momentum.

The interior and general design of the restaurant is fairly simplistic and classic. White tiles, red bricks, and wooden tables – simple but with good lighting and some music playing softly in the background, effectively creating a chilled and laid back atmosphere.

Siirgista Bros Shepherds Bush Interior

The Food: What We Ordered

The menu is fairly straightforward – wings for starters; a couple of options of burgers; a few sides; two extra main options; and then a Shakes flavour and drinks menu plus a little kids section. All their burgers are 5.5oz, seasoned with Maldon sea salt, and served on a brioche bun. Everything is halal and they’re also a Quorn vegetarian burger option for vegetarians.

Mexicali Spicy Burger

Mexicali Burger and Rosemary Chips

We tried out the Mexicali Spicy Burger, which consisted of a beef burger patty over crisp baby gem lettuce, heritage tomato, red onion and their own burger sauce, topped with sliced jalapeno chillies, smoky chilli cheese and chipotle mayonnaise.

Starting with the burger patty, it was perfectly cooked to medium/medium-well, with the smoky chilli cheese slice beautifully melted on top. The slight hint of spice from the cheese really brought out the flavours of the burger. The sliced jalapeno chillies and the chipotle mayonnaise added an extra kick of mild hotness, which rounded up the overall flavour and texture. We liked the use of brioche burger buns, which gave the burger a more polished touch.

Rosemary Salted Hand Cut Chips

One thing definitely worth highlighting is their rosemary salted hand-cut chips. The chips were crispy on the outside and soft inside – still having a little texture to chew on instead of being just all hard crispy or plain soggy. The seasoning was absolutely on point and has brought it to the next level. It was aromatic with the right amount of saltiness to bring the potato flavour out. The flavours are very well-balanced without being overwhelming. It is an absolutely perfect side dish to complement the mains.

BBQ Wings

A plate of BBQ Wings

We like to enjoy a side of wings with our burger meals and decided to try out their BBQ wings as well. It comes in four big juicy wings, very saucy and nicely coated in a smokey & sweet BBQ sauce. The meat was cooked to a very tender texture as it tears off the bone with every bite. Though we feel the wings could use a bit more marinating to get the flavours soaked in.

Spicy Buffalo Wings

We also tried the Spicy Buffalo Wings as we enjoy some hot & spicy flavours! Similarly our critique of the BBQ Wings, we would have liked to have the wings marinated longer as the flavours didn’t seem to have properly sunk in. The wings smelled absolutely amazing but the flavour was mostly on the outside. The meat inside was still succulent but it just needed that little extra marinade for better flavour.

Honeycomb Milkshake

Honeycomb Milkshake

To complete our meal, we finished with some milkshakes and I went for the Honeycomb Milkshake. Creamy, rich and velvety in texture, there was nothing to not love about this milkshake. I really enjoyed that natural sweetness of the honeycomb, which wasn’t too heavily sweet and got just the right touch. All in all, it had been such a gorgeous treat for the day!


Siirgista Bros Shepherds Bush Interior

In summary, we really like this new burger place and are delighted to find something gourmet but easy and no-fuss around the area. In particular, we enjoyed that laid back atmosphere of the place and, of course, the quality of food it serves. It’s definitely a spot we would frequent since it’s in the neighbourhood for us!

Speaking with one of the staff, they are already expanding their chain with the second restaurant to be opened at Baker Street in 2016 and many more in planning. It is starting up well and hopefully, we will see many more of them all over the city in no time!

Website: http://www.siirgistabros.co.uk/
Instagram: siirgistabros

Nearest station: Shepherds Bush

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