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DIY Meal Kits continue to save the day as we are yet to be able to properly return to restaurants for dine-in occasions. For a friend’s birthday, I decided to try out the well-rated Smoked Beef Brisket from Smokes & Bones and it was a total crowd-pleaser (not literally but you get what I mean!).

I first encountered Smoke & Bones at a Christmas market pop-up in Westfield White City back in 2019. Its brisket burger at the time certainly left a delicious impression that I was very confident about their DIY Meal Kit offerings when they launched throughout 2020. If you’re a barbeque enthusiast, you’d be absolutely delighted with the likes of smoked beef brisket, smokehouse burger box, pastrami, burnt ends, beef ribs, and Texas sausages on their online menu. In addition, there is also a monthly subscription box available, featuring excellent meal choices like Churrascaria lamb skewers, beef birria tacos, Philly cheesesteaks, etc. just to name a few. For these monthly subscription boxes, it’s going to also include a side dish and dessert.

Smoked Beef Brisket (500g/1kg/2kg) (£25/£40/£80)

Smoke & Bones Beef Brisket


Using DHL delivery services, Smoke & Bones offer reliable shipping. Orders made between Monday and Tuesday will be smoked and shipped the next day. Whereas orders made between Wednesday and Sunday will be shipped via next day on the following Monday.

The beef brisket was vacuum-sealed, accompanied by a little side of barbecue sauce, all wrapped around with ice packets and fit into a mailbag or box. There’s just one minor misfortune in this instance as the sauce container burst open inside the package, resulting in spillage of the sauce. But a good amount has not been affected and the whole beef brisket meal turned out more than perfect.

Smoke & Bones Beef Brisket


Preparation is super easy. A QR code is attached in the package that leads to the instruction page on their website. All that’s required for this beef brisket kit is to double wrap with tin foil and pop it into the preheated oven. Timings differ depending on the weight of the meat you purchased and are clearly stated in their instructions. I went with 1kg, which took 45 minutes of cooking time. The meat was sizzling and smelling heavenly as I unwrapped the brisket. Just for double-checking, I checked with a cooking thermometer to make sure the internal temperature reaches 70C before serving.


As if the smell of the brisket wasn’t a good enough indicator, the tenderness of the brisket as you slice the meat is all the reassurances you need. The juices were oozing out and the meat was cooked so soft and tender. Taste-wise, it’s packed with a beautiful umami touch of flavours and offers a melt-in-your-mouth sensation. It’s better than I remembered from the brisket bun I had during my first encounter with them. Perhaps it’s because that I’m consuming this brisket fresh out of the oven. Regardless, the point is that this brisket was amazing. It’s no doubt an addictive munch that we couldn’t get enough of!

To serve, I whipped up some homemade mac & cheese to go with it, making the perfect and ultimate American BBQ feast for the occasion. For leftovers, we had brisket sandwiches the next day which still tasted absolutely heavenly.

Smoke & Bones Beef Brisket and Homemade Mac & Cheese

In summary…

I’d highly recommend trying out Smoke & Bones’ DIY Meal Kits. Despite the minor accident with the sauce spillage, the quality of the smoked meats can completely speak for itself. Their menu features some truly enticing items, especially with the monthly subscription boxes. It’s a well-valued treat that’s worth every penny.

Order from their website here.

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Halal Status

Everything is halal at Smoke & Bones

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