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What’s the first thing that comes in mind about summer? Ice cream, of course. Soft serve ice cream especially holds quite a dear place in my heart. This is because the ice cream vans back home in Hong Kong are so ridiculously damn good! The summer before I made my move to the UK, you bet I stuffed myself with lots of them whenever I come across one of the vans on the streets. Anyway, that’s why I’m absolutely stoked to hear about Soft Serve Society as they open at Box Park Shoreditch..

Soft Serve Society specialises in, well rather obviously, soft-serve ice cream. They occupy a small but cute cubicle at the Box Park, featuring a bright, simple and chilled interior. Seats-wise, there’s a row of them by the wall with several coffee tables for you to eat-in.

Soft Serve Ice Cream (£3.5)

I was going to order a Matcha Soft Serve until I saw the person in front of me got a mixed Matcha & Vanilla Soft Serve. Immediately I changed my mind to get the mixed flavour one instead because why settle for one when you can get two?! Either way, you can get the ice cream served in a cup or in a waffle cone, and as you can see, I went with the latter.

First of all the ice cream is really smooth, silky and light. I loved how the subtle vanilla fragrance and the matcha flavour complemented each other. The matcha ice cream has the perfect amount of sweetness that allows the matcha flavour to shine without overpowering the vanilla. It’s the subtle touches from both flavours that made the magic for this ice cream.

On a different occasion, I tried out their Charcoal Coconut flavour, with extra desiccated coconut as topping. This one was an absolute delight either. The flavour was beautifully delicate, undoubtedly one of top quality.

Last but not least, the waffle cone was an absolute delight to have either. It was properly full of that luscious buttery and eggy aroma. It’s the perfect complement and balance to the ice cream.

Soft Serve Sundae (£4.95)

Vanilla Soft Serve Affogato at Soft Serve Society

There’s a range of soft-serve sundae combos available on the menu. Pictured is the Espresso Yourself, and I’ve also tried the Matcha Madness and What’s Popping as well.

The Espresso Yourself is basically an affogato with vanilla soft-serve, topped with biscuit crumbs; the Matcha Madness features the matcha soft-serve, served with red bean paste and mochi; whereas What’s Popping got vanilla soft-serve, popcorn, pockey and dark chocolate sauce.

Out of the three, my favourite is the Matcha Madness, followed by the Espresso Yourself.

Matcha Freakshake (£7.95)

Matcha Freakshake at Soft Serve Society

Soft serve society does a little bit more than just their soft-serve ice creams. They also use their quality ice cream to create these indulgent freakshakes. Here I got the Matcha freakshake, which consists of a matcha milkshake topped with whipped cream, waffle, a wafer/pastry and a slice of pandan chiffon cake (the cake is not written on the menu as it may not be available every day, but luckily they’re in stock when we visited!).

First of all, how visually stunning is this?! How can one not smile when they see a large jar of milkshake with a generous amount of topping stacked up at the top of the jar?

One thing about matcha based dessert is the overpowering tea flavour which may turn out bitter. The matcha in this milkshake carried the perfect hint of tea flavour. As I mentioned above in the ice cream section, it has the perfect balance of sweetness and flavours. The texture and flavour were much lighter than I expected, which is a great thing as it’s not exactly pleasant sometimes to indulge in something really heavy and end up with a sugar crash in your system! The wafer/pastry was really nice – crunchy, airy and with textured layers. As for the chiffon cake, we were so glad that it was available because it was really nice! It was soft, spongy, airy, and again was simply beautiful with its mild fragrance and soft flavour. Every component of this freakshake is basically perfect. Maybe except the blue candies around the mouth of the jar. We thought they may be slightly unnecessary but it does help make the whole presentation prettier.

In summary…

…if you ever fancy a nice indulging treat, this place is somewhere you should consider! Regardless if it’s the soft-serve ice creams or freakshakes or even cotton candies, Soft Serve Society does it well here.

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Nearest station: Shoreditch High Street

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Soft Serve Society Review
Soft Serve Society Review

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