Soft Shell Crab Burger at CrabbieShack

I think you all know by now that I love soft shell crab super much. Whenever there’s soft shell crab on the menu, I would for sure order it.

Normally soft shell crab is more like a starter dish rather than being something massive as a main. But then I saw this the other day on Instagram that literally had my eyes popping out…a proper massive Soft Shell Crab Burger.

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CrabbieShack, voted as one of London’s best street food, aims to bring crustacean goodness from Kent Coast into London. I visited their stall at KERB Camden, the menu offers the Soft Shell Crab Burger (£7,50), Scallops (with sweetcorn salsa & pomegranate, £8), and Fries w/ White Crab Meat, Samphire and 1000 Island Lobster Sauce (£5).

Obviously I went for the Soft Shell Crab Burger. The burger consists pickled cucumbers, chili, coriander, wasabi mayonnaise, and of course one big juicy piece of soft shell crab.


Look at the soft shell crab, it was fried to this gorgeous golden colour and was absolutely stunning to the eye. As I bit into the burger, it was incredibly crispy and crunchy. Their soft shell crabs are coated with an Old Bay batter which adds a kick of spices and seasoning to it. The flavours were amazing and the soft shell crab was meaty. I was quite surprised that I actually managed to taste out crab roe in the soft shell crab, which is the essence of a good quality crab and I haven’t tasted that for so long ever since moving away from home in Asia!

Brioche bun nicely grilled where it’s crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The mayo tasted nice and was a great pairing to the soft shell crab. It says it is a wasabi mayo but I couldn’t actually taste much of the wasabi – it’s a good thing though so that the soft shell crab can really shine instead of having something of another distinct flavour to steal the spotlight.

To sum up, the Soft Shell Crab Burger was amazing. It was a genius idea to bring it to the city as I feel the city lacks affordable decent seafood. I am impressed with it and super grateful for the great quality and high standard of street food 🙂 Be sure to check them out!

My Rating: 4/5

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