Southbank Winter Festival Xmas Market Food Guide

The Winter Festival at Southbank is back again this year to join the festive fun. Mulled wine and bratwursts are the classic festive foods to stay warm. But for halal eaters and those looking for alternatives, check out this year’s amazing food line up:

Mother Clucker Fried Chicken

You all already know Mother Clucker’s fried chicken is my most favourite thing ever. That tea-brined, buttermilk soaked, and twice battered fried chicken strips are such a heavenly creation that’s unmissable in life. The South Bank Winter Festival stall only offers the Chicken Strips and Cajun Fries. For the rest of the menu you’d have to find their truck at the Old Truman Brewery in Bricklane.

Raclette Brothers

Credits to Raclette Brother’s Facebook @raclettebrothers

What’s one of the most loved foods during winter? Cheese, hot melted cheese. Following up the raclette trend, of course the Raclette Brothers has to be there to serve cold Londoners this luscious hearty dish.

Get yourself a comforting plate of garlic potatoes with some pickled red onions and cornichons pickles – and of course topped with generous amount of melted cheese straight from the wheel.

Stacked Dutch Pancakes

Freshly made, dusted with icing sugar and toppings of your choice – these poffertjes from Stacked Dutch Pancakes are absolutely irresistible.

Each order comes with 12 pieces of mini pancakes that are dusted with icing sugar and one choice of topping. Then of course you can build your own and add extra for 50p per topping. Choose from options like maple syrup, nutella, whipped cream, milk or white chocolate, lemon juice; and even fruits like strawberries & bananas; as well as other treats like marshmallows, honeycomb, etc.

Spice Box

For vegans and those who are gluten-intolerant, The Spice Box is the one to look for. They pride themselves in creating healthy Indian food by incorporating spices and plant-powered ingredients. That being said, its stall at the Winter Festival is a healthier alternative but is just as hearty and warming as the others.

At the stall they offer these dosa waffles, which is basically Belgian waffles made with a dosa batter of fermented rice & lentil flour, with a spiced topping. I opted for the masala potatoes & peas, which is spiced with mustard seeds, curry leaves and cumin. Other options include the Jackfruit Tikka and the Keralan Cabbage Thoran. All waffles also come with a coconut sambal, date & tamarind chutney, and pickles.

So this concludes our top 4 food line up at the Southbank Winter Festival. Check it out and let us know your favourite! Last but not least, happy holidays to y’all 🙂

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