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The first time I went to Steak & Co was with my parents. We really liked how affordable and fun this place is. I say fun because you get to pick your own choice of butter, rub and sauce, and then the steak is served to you on a hot sizzling stone where you kind of cook it yourself.

When I say cook by yourself I mean they have already seared the steak and then you can control how well to cook your steak by yourself on that hot sizzling plate – I will explain more in a bit.

The Garrick Street branch in Covent Garden is the branch we usually head to though they have a few other branches around the central Westend area. The setting resembles a busy French brasserie – vibrant but with a touch of elegance. That being said plus being located in central London, do expect a relatively closely-packed tables.

We ordered some Chargrilled Prawns (butterflied Emperor Prawns and Shrimp served in a sizzling pil pil sauce) to start with.

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While I was expecting massive king prawns, the prawns were rather small. I was quite spoiled with fresh seafood at a young age back home and I must say I was slightly disappointed with the use of frozen prawns. Though I was unimpressed with the prawns, the sauce was very lovely. It was savoury and tangy with a kick of spice – definitely the type of flavours I love. We thought the sauce would be perfect for dipping with some bread and it would be a shame to let the sauce go to waste so we immediately ordered some Garlic Bread.

While the prawns weren’t really up to expectation, the garlic bread certainly made up for it. First of all it was visually stunning. Instead of the typical bread slices, they have made their bread into a shape of a tree – definitely boosting the festive spirit at this time of the year!

It was super warm and fluffy. It was garlicky but not too strong to leave an aftertaste in your mouth. It was very fragrant and delicious. As a bonus, we added cheese as well so it was simply impeccable. That plus the remaining sauce from the prawn starter was a perfect combination.

Afterwards, our steaks arrived. There is only one halal steak option available which is clearly stated on the menu as “Halal Sirloin Steak”. You can choose from 8oz or 10 oz.

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I chose mine to come with chilli butter, paprika salt rub, and bearnaise sauce; whereas the other half picked the garlic butter, chilli salt rub and mushroom sauce.

The way that the waiters teach you on handling the steak is to first remove the steak from the hot stone plate to the plate on the side and slice it up. Then take a bit of butter onto to the hot stone plate, let it melt and then add your slice of steak on it. Sprinkle some of your rub as you let your steak ‘sear’ and cook away. After that, simply dip it to your sauce and eat it.

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I personally feel the halal sirloin wasn’t seared as amazing as the other ones we see being served to other tables but the nice grill marks still give an assuring  impression. Flavour-wise the steak was pretty nice – definitely meaty and flavourful with a mild chargrilled flavour on the sear. I feel it has just the right balance of lean meat and fat. The texture was quite tender as you can already tell from slicing the steak. The steak was cooked relatively rare and you can cook it to your preference on the sizzling hot stone.

In addition, the rub and flavoured butter really enhanced the flavours. Overall, it was a decent steak at a very good price. Moreover it was really fun to have control over your own steak and play around with it. It was simply a fun and interesting experience.


For side dish, we ordered some garlic mushrooms and mashed potatoes. The garlic mushrooms were very well-seasoned, buttery, aromatic – in other words they simply have quite an addictive flavour where we just couldn’t stop scooping more onto our plates. The mashed potatoes were mushy, buttery and rich. It was a really nice and filling pairing with the steak. The other time when I was with my parents I ordered a large sweet potato fries – they were crispy, well-seasoned, and also a perfect side dish to pair with the steak.

To sum it all up, it is a fun place to have dinner and a steak place that wouldn’t hurt the bank. I remember there was this one time when I went with my parents, the waiter was extremely delightful and friendly, which added more fun to the meal. Do check it out if you fancy a fun and affordable steak meal when you’re around the Westend area!

P.S. They do some really cheap steak lunch deals – it’s worth having a look

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My Rating: 3.9/5

Fun and affordable


Address: 4-6 Garrick Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9BH

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