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One of my many favourite comfort foods is Chicken & Waffles! Whilst a number of people probably couldn’t wrap their heads around the concept of the dish, when you get a good one, it’s always a game-changer. That’s why when I found out Sweet Chick is opening their first branch across the pond from America, I was keen to find out if they’re worth the hype.

First started out in Williamsburg Brooklyn, Sweet Chick has quickly risen to popularity and is known to serve one of the best chicken & waffles. Additionally, they’re not just a one-trick pony. What they aim to bring to the table, along with the classic chicken & waffles, is the so-call New American Comfort – which is all about rustic comfort food with a modern twist.

Walking into restaurant on a late Saturday morning, I find the restaurant surprisingly quiet. The restaurant is bigger and more spacious than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise.

The weekend brunch menu has got quite a few enticing items but Chicken & Waffles is what I came here for so I stuck with that.

Classic Chicken & Waffles (£13.50)

Sweet Chick Chicken & Waffles

About the chicken, it’s crispy on the outside and generally tender in texture on the inside. It’s got a nice herby touch of flavours as well. However, even though it’s only the classic option, I feel that the chicken could use an extra kick of flavours.

As for the waffles, they were spectacular! I loved the waffles to bits as they are so perfectly fluffy, with an eggy flavour, and a beautiful light crisp on the outside.

The different butter flavours

Flavoured Butters at Sweet Chick

To make the waffles even better, Sweet Chick serves up three different butter flavours for you to pair your waffles! There were the Lemon Butter, Herb Butter, and Raspberry Butter.

Out of the three, the lemon one was my most favourite. I enjoyed that little zingy touch that rounds up the flavours for both the fried chicken and waffles.

The herb one was heavenly too but since the classic fried chicken already got a very herby flavour, it doesn’t necessarily stand out in the combo. But if it’s just the herb butter and the waffles – it definitely works!

I didn’t really try the raspberry one as I can’t really imagine the flavours working in the fried chicken and waffles combo. But a rosy pink-coloured butter is certainly pretty to look at!

In summary…

All in all, I find the chicken & waffles good and satisfactory, though I don’t necessarily feel it wins the title for being the best around town. Nonetheless, I certainly appreciate their “New American Comfort” concept with the different flavoured butter options to pair with the waffles. That has definitely made themselves stand out. However, I do feel the chicken could do with a step-up in order to really live up its potential.

Have you been? And what do you think? Let us know!

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Halal Status

Chicken is halal. Alcohol present at premises

Tel: 020 3856 0333 | Website: www.sweetchick.com

Nearest station: Oxford Circus

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Sweet Chick London Restaurant Review

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