When it comes to top brunch spots in Notting Hill, Tab x Tab is certainly one on the list. Tucked near the Bayswater / Westbourne Grove side of Notting Hill, Tab x Tab London has been very popular amongst locals for its premium-quality speciality coffee and brunch dishes. From my very first visit to the restaurant, it certainly made an impression and maintained great consistency over the years. More recently, Tab x Tab has confirmed that their chicken is halal (also clearly marked on their menu), which gave me more reason to return to this local gem.

Tab x Tab London: Charming Independent Brunch & Speciality Coffee in Notting Hill

Founded by a husband and wife duo, Tab x Tab burst into West London’s speciality coffee & brunch scenes in 2017 and won over the hearts of locals. With a promise of quality food and coffee, it is no surprise that it very quickly became a hot brunch spot across London.

Whilst not a massive space, the interior at Tab x Tab London felt spacious with its high ceilings. It has a really laidback atmosphere there, featuring an earthy but sophisticated dark wood decor. There are also a couple of tables outdoors, which get snatched up quickly during the summer months. Additionally, free wifi is also available at the restaurant and it’s an ideal work and laptop-friendly coffee shop to be.

The Food at Tab x Tab (what I ordered)

Date of visit: August 2020 & January 2023

A cup of latte at Tab x Tab Notting Hill

Latte (£3.20)

Widely considered one of the top coffee houses in Notting Hill and in West London, the coffee at Tab x Tab certainly didn’t disappoint. Overall, the coffee tasted smooth and had a rich velvety texture. Apart from good quality coffee, their ceramics were also noteworthy. Tab x Tab is committed to supporting and featuring local artists, and in this case, partnering with KANA London for their ceramic coffee cups where each cup was uniquely shaped and handmade by them.

A plate of scrambled eggs toast with creamy mushrooms at Tab x Tab

Mushrooms & Scrambled Eggs Toast (£11)

Sometimes, the simpler dishes can tell more about a restaurant. I was thoroughly surprised by the enriching flavours of this simple plate of mushrooms & scrambled eggs toast. Not only was the dish lusciously buttery to taste, but there was this sprinkle of seaweed topping that added oomph to the eggs, as well as a lovely onion-and-garlicky touch on the mushrooms. It’s a simple but very well-executed dish that really hit the spot.

Chicken Katsu Sando at Tab x Tab Notting Hill

Chicken Katsu Sando (£15)

With Tab x Tab now serving halal chicken, I was very excited to try out this Chicken Katsu Sando. The huge thick slice of chicken katsu was certainly a very welcoming sight. Flavour-wise, it was decent but, personally, I would prefer the seasoning to be a little stronger to create more contrast against the mildly sweet celeriac remoulade. The chicken could also be a little crispier and it would certainly make more of an impression if the bread was toasted. It was decent but certainly with room for improvement, especially for the price.

Restaurant Review Summary

All in all, there is no doubt that Tab x Tab has proven itself as a high-quality brunch spot in West London and it’s even better that it’s a halal-friendly one as well. Apart from the above savoury dishes, their pancakes and french toast are also highly popular picks that wooed many locals. With a quality and community-driven approach, I’m sure this is a place that will only continue to thrive over the years to come!

  • Food
  • Value
  • Atmosphere
  • Service

Halal Status

Chicken is halal at Tab x Tab

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Tel: 020 7792 3445
Website: https://tabxtab.com/
Instagram: tabxtablondon

Nearest station: Nottinghill

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