The Alley London opens in Mayfair!

The Alley London opens a new store in Mayfair! To say I’m stoked that my favourite bubble tea spot in London, The Alley, is opening another store around town is an understatement. In addition to their Holborn store, they’ve now opened a second branch at an even more central location at only a mere 4-minute walk from Oxford Circus station, just down by Maddox Street.

Disclaimer: I was invited by The Alley to their opening party in July 2021 with complimentary drinks. But all thoughts are my own.

Ube Taro Brown Sugar Deerioca Boba Milk

Their Brown Sugar Deerioca series is undeniably the most popular range of drinks on their menu. In addition to their usual top-rated drinks, the Mayfair store exclusively offers this stunning Ube Taro option on their Deerioca range.

The drink was gorgeous to the eye and was superb on the taste buds too. If you’re familiar with their classic Brown Sugar Deerioca boba milk, you already know the luscious silkiness of the drink and its impeccable balance of sweetness. The Ube was blended smoothly and added a richer texture to the drink. Flavour-wise it was on the milder end so it would make a great starter introduction to those who are curious about trying out ube.

Tiramisu Boba

We also had the Tiramisu Boba, which features a thick foamy layer of mascarpone cream and crumbled butter biscuits plus cocoa powder dusted on top. The drink was great too and we loved the added texture to the drink. Tapioca pearls were perfectly cooked as always and it was, all in all, a lovely dessert drink to indulge in.

In summary

I’ve always loved The Alley and couldn’t be happier to see them expanding around town! The new Ube offering is also a winner and no doubt a delightful addition to all ube and taro lovers. Now you know where to get your bubble tea fix when shopping around Oxford Circus and Regents Street!

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