It’s been some exciting times for West London in the last few months. First with Westfield’s expansion, then comes the opening of White City House – this all means more restaurants! To check out one of the new options around the block, I decided to visit The Allis for brunch.

The Allis is a new addition to the White City House and an all-day drinks & dining social space. It is a lounge and bar named after Charles Allis, the turn-of-the-century industrialist and philanthropist, and is also home to another Electric Cinema – a luxury cinema.

Electric Cinema White City

You can either sit outside or get cozy inside. The interior oozes this relaxing & chilled atmosphere. I absolutely adored that chic retro style interior. Majority of the space was lined with sofa seats – making it the perfect lounge spot.

Here is what we had:

Flat White (£3)

The Flat White came with a beautiful latte art. The coffee was nice and strong. I loved the velvety texture and it was very smooth to taste.

Eggs Royale (£11)

Eggs Royale The Allis

I absolutely loved the dish. The poached eggs were done perfectly – super smooth, soft and a lusciously runny yolk. The smoked salmon itself carried a palatable smokey flavour and was well seasoned. All this was complemented by the hollandaise sauce, which adds a subtle tangy touch. Its texture was just right, not overly rich and heavy – just right to add a full-bodied texture to the entire dish.

*on one of my visits a long time after this post – ordering the same dish, the quality of the Eggs Royale has unfortunately gone down.

Avocado Toast (£10)

Avocado Toast at The Allis

Avocado toast is a classic brunch combo that could do no wrong. The avocado was mashed to a generally smooth texture and was topped with a squeeze of lemon and chilled, plus some perfectly poached egg. As I said, it could do no wrong.

Mac & Cheese

Following a few great brunch dishes, unfortunately, the Mac & Cheese seemed to have fallen short. This dish was more on the mediocre side of the scale. Whilst I loved the idea of serving it in a copper pot, there wasn’t much flavour going on. It’s hearty and satisfying, just a bit underwhelming especially when compared to other dishes we had. It was just a breadcrumb topping rather than a proper cheesy crust.

In summary…

…we generally enjoyed The Allis a lot and would recommend stopping by if you happen to be near Westfield at White City. It’s truly such a lovely spot to chill and lounge around. Moreover, you’d see people working on the laptops, groups of people having a meeting, or couples & friends lounging & chilling – it’s a place for everyone.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Atmosphere

Halal Status

The Allis does not serve halal meats. Vegetarian options are available. 

Tel: 020 7870 0000

Nearest station: Woodlane / White City

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