Tiger Sugar Boba is in London!

*Tiger Sugar UK has been renamed as Tiger Hill*

Sometimes I think I have an addiction to bubble tea. My excuse is that it’s kind of in my blood to love bubble tea! I was scrolling through Instagram and getting all jealous of watching all these boba shops popping up in Hong Kong. There is a massive hype around boba lately and a lot of them have been attracting massive queues. One of them is Tiger Sugar. And thank goodness London is starting to pick up the trend too because Tiger Sugar has come to London!

As per many any boba shops, Tiger Sugar started out in Taiwan. Very soon enough, not only have they been raved all over the country, it’s been bringing in lots of tourists from nearby countries just to have a taste of it. The name Tiger Sugar comes from the ‘tiger stripes’ it forms when the caramelized syrup interlaces with the thick milk mixture, i.e. its signature drink.

Their London branch is situated at the Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall. And here I go and trekked all the way to Colindale to check it out.

Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Boba w/ Cream Mousse (£4.70)

Brown Sugar Boba Milk at Tiger Sugar London

This one’s their signature drink – made out of dark brown sugar syrup, fresh milk cream, and lots of boba pearls.

The first thing that stood out to me is the warm tapioca pearls. There is going to be the contrasting sensation where the bottom of the drink felt warm and the top being chilled. The reason behind the warm tapioca pearls is to retain its soft & chewy texture by keeping them in warm syrup. Visually, I loved the “tiger stripes” visuals, but it did look less “stripey” than pictures you see in Asia.

The drink itself was super creamy and quite rich. It is abundant in flavours, with milk cream and caramel syrup blended intricately together. Milky with a subtle salty touch, it was super delicious! The texture of the drink is relatively thick and creamy so you can definitely imagine it being quite filling.

Nearest station: Colindale

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