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I remember my very first encounter with Timberyard Coffee a couple of years back. I was hanging out with a couple of my friends around Covent Garden and we somehow stumbled across this place when looking for a place to chill. It was busy in there but there’s this special charm about it that propelled us to go in. We were also really lucky to have managed to find a table in the downstairs seating area too.

timberyard coffee

That time I ordered myself a nice cup of Flat White. From presentation to flavour, the coffee was spot on. It was neatly presented over a wooden board alongside a bottle of water and a glass. The latte art was a heart shape that’s done clean and simple. In terms of the coffee itself, it was incredibly aromatic and pretty strong. Its full-bodied flavour simply fills up your cavity and will strike you with this mellow sharpness of flavours. It was velvety in texture and undeniably one of the best coffees out here in London.

Ever since that encounter, Timberyard has become one of my most favourite coffee shops across the city. It has charisma and it serves exquisite coffee – there’s nothing to not love about this place. No wonder they are voted as Europe’s best independent coffee shop and so many more awards year after year. Apart from their great coffees, they also offer a welcoming workspace and bookable meeting rooms. It’s the charm, quality, and hustling environment that I find extremely appealing about this place.


Normally I only go for the coffee despite the alluring display of cakes and pastries at the till. On a recent visit though, something really captured my attention and I simply couldn’t resist it. With easter coming along and the crème egg frenzy, Timberyard is offering a crème egg speciality from Rinkoff Bakery – the Crème Egg Crodough.

I got one of them alongside a Latte. As usual, they delivered me my crodough and coffee over their classic wooden board with a bottle of water and a glass. The coffee was as sensational as per. It never fails to satisfy my daily need for a coffee buzz. As for the crodough, oh my that was an indulgent treat! Crodough, or cronut if you like, is already an absolutely delectable guilty pleasure on its own. With the addition of crème egg, it’s an insanely luscious treat to go with the coffee.

Apart from the crème egg fondant that’s smothered all over the top of the crodough and topped off with a mini crème egg, there is also crème egg fondant piped inside all of the layers. Golden and crispy on the outside, the inside was extremely well-layered and flakey. It was a very sweet treat (obviously) but it’s surprisingly not overly sweetened to a point where it gets sickening. There is a very fine balance of sweetness which undoubtedly came from a skilled baker with a great palate.

The sweetness from the crodough and the mellow bitterness of the coffee created this impeccable harmonious sensation that brings food pleasure to a different level. I am thoroughly amazed by this place over and over again. The place always brings a smile to my face. I really enjoy spending my time there, whether it be just chilling for the afternoon or trying to get productive. The friendly staff, encouraging vibe and quality food & drinks simply offer the perfect scenario one can ask for in a coffee shop. If you want a perfect coffee break, this is the spot to head to.

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Tel: 020 3217 2009 | Website: https://tyuk.com/

Nearest station: Covent Garden

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