T’s Fried Scoop Opens in Camden!

You’re clearly missing out if you never had fried ice cream before. Back in 2019, T’s Fried Scoop was born as founder, Natasha, took a leap to turn her love for fried ice cream into a full fledge business. She started out by trading at Truman Brewery in Brick Lane over the weekends, which gained tons of popularity over the last few years. We enjoyed it then and couldn’t be more thrilled and happy for T’s Fried Scoop to have evolved from pop-ups to now having a permanent home at Hawley Wharf in Camden!

T’s Fried Scoop: London’s First Fried Ice Cream

Fried ice cream isn’t something new. Most notably, it is commonly found in Chinese, Japanese, and Mexican cuisines. In fact, I grew up with it back home in Hong Kong where fried ice cream is sold at Lunar New Year markets. However, it’s still a very new thing in London and pretty much unheard of until T’s Fried Scoop came along!

Natasha from T’s Fried Scoop took inspiration from all the different versions of fried ice cream and created her own take of it. Numerous experiments later, Natasha has come up with a dough that has a unique waffle-like texture to envelope the ice cream and it has clearly won a lot of hearts in London. Imagine it as a hot crispy doughnut, coated with a crispy topping and stuffed with a massive scoop of ice cream inside – I think that’s probably the closest way to describe it if you haven’t tried any form of fried ice cream before.

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What We Tried at T’s Fried Scoop

Date of visit: October 2022

*Disclaimer: this was a complimentary meal but all thoughts are our own.

Ube Ice Cream with Oreo Coating (£6)

Ube Fried Ice Cream with Oreo Coating at T's Fried Scoop

When T’s Fried Scoop first started in Brick Lane, the ice cream flavours available were only the classics like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. Now the ice cream options have expanded with the likes of Matcha, Ube, etc. on the menu. I went with the ube ice cream and picked Oreo as coating and chocolate fudge sauce as topping. The combination was absolutely spot on and the ube ice cream was lusciously creamy to taste. The fried ice cream was certainly better than I remembered, with a noticeably improved recipe for the dough. That contrasting hot-and-cold sensation was simply unbeatable and the extra crispiness on the coating really added texture to it.

Black Coconut Ice Cream with Biscoff Coating (£6)

Fried Black Coconut Ice Cream with Biscoff Coating at T's Fried Scoop

Another new flavour available on the menu is the black coconut. We went with a Biscoff coating for this one and the subtle caramelised flavour goes so perfectly well together. Personally, I enjoyed the ube ice cream and oreo combo more but this was still incredibly delicious.

Review Summary

We loved T’s Fried Scoop before, we love it even more now. I was genuinely so happy to see them reach this huge milestone in their journey and couldn’t be more excited about what the future has in store for them! It’s been a long way coming from the pop-up days in Brick Lane and, with the new and improved recipes, I’m sure that they can achieve newer heights in the near future and make fried ice cream a bigger thing in London and beyond!

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T’s Fried Scoop Information

Nearest station: Camden Town

Instagram: tsfriedscoop

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