UK Valentine’s Day Dessert Delivery

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there is no better gift idea than having love-themed treats delivered to your door. From macaroons, brownies, doughnuts, cheesecakes, etc., here is a list of Valentine’s Day dessert from popular London bakeries & patisseries that are available for delivery (most of them nationwide) and are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

*header photo credits to Doughnut Time


Valentine's Day Macaroons from Laduree
Photo credits to Laduree

Laduree’s macaroons are key to any girl’s heart. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, these delicate macaroons could do no wrong. Seasonal flavours include glittery heart-shaped passionfruit-flavoured macaroons and hot pink strawberry candy macaroons. Compose your own treat box with these special flavour offerings along with all their classics to make up your treat box.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Bad Brownie

Heart-shaped Brownies from Bad Brownie
Photo credits to Bad Brownie

The delicious range of brownies from the very popular Bad Brownie has always been hard to resist. For Valentine’s Day, on top of their usual delivery boxes, Bad Brownie is offering a Valentines Day Brownie Bites Box, as well as massive Brownie Hearts (vegan-friendly) that weighs 400g each and comes nicely presented with gift wrap sleeve – i.e. one perfect gift to impress. Psst there’s a Biscoff Brownie Heart flavour available.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Hummingbird Bakery

Valentine's Day cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery
Photo credits to Hummingbird Bakery

You know they make the best red velvet cupcakes in London. For Valentine’s Day, Hummingbird Bakery is offering a red velvet galore (as well as chocolate and vanilla flavours) in the form of cupcakes, whoopie pies, and heart-shaped cakes. No fancy seasonal flavours, just the classic flavours we’re already familiar with but with a V-Day-themed decoration. Vegan and gluten free options available.

Delivery: London only

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Doughnut Time

Valentine's Day Doughnuts from Doughnut Time
Photo credits to Doughnut Time

Choose from 2-pack or 6-pack, Doughnut Time is offering these irresistible heart-shaped doughnuts for this Valentine’s Day. Their 2-pack flavours include the Margot Heart-throbbie (Nutella, chocolate, mini Oreos) and Berry Halliwell (stawberry custard); with the addition of Luna Lovegood, Demi Love-ato, Avril Love-igne, and Miranda Heart for the 6-pack option. Either box come with a single rose too!

If you fancy some DIY activities instead, Doughnut Time is also offering a Valentine’s Day special DIY kit.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Creme London

Valentine's Day Raspberry & White Chocolate Cookie from Creme London
Photo credits to Creme London

Their gooey New York cookies need no further introduction. This Valentine’s Day, Creme is offering their limited Raspberry & White Chocolate Cookie, available for both delivery and in-store collection for two weeks. Their super well-packaged and gigantic cookies are good enough as a Valentines Day gift, but why not mix-and-match and add a little pink in there to make it extra special!

Delivery: Nationwide

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Valentines Day Cheesecake by Whipped London
Photo credits to Whipped London

This valentine’s day, you can have Whipped’s sensational cheesecakes and cookies delivered to your door. Their Valentines Cheesecake Lovers’ Box includes White Chocolate and Dulce de Leche cheesecake hearts, Nutella and strawberry cheesecake cookies, as well as red velvet cheesecake truffles. Alternatively, choose from their Bloom & Dessert Package, which included an everlasting flower arrangement; or their cookie box.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Cutter & Squidge

Valentine's Day Chocolate from Cutter & Squidge
Photo credits to Cutter & Squidge

Cutter & Squidge is currently offering a range of Valentine’s Day dessert treats for delivery, including brownie boxes, baby biskies, cake truffles, and hampers. In addition, they have also partnered up with Emma Bridgewater for one of their V-Day hampers, which includes a bespoke Emma Bridgewater mug plus a range of Cutter & Squidge’s cake truffles and chocolate bombs.

Flavourtown Bakery

Flavourtown Bakery mini Valentines Day cupcakes
Photo credits to Flavourtown Bakery

Flavourtown’s gorgeous award-winning cupcakes are just the perfect valentine’s day treat. Choose from regular or mini cupcakes, or go with their deluxe edition, or even whole cakes! Vegan and gluen-free options are available as well.

Delivery: London only

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Meringue Girls

Valentines day meringue kisses from Meringue Girls
Photo credits to Meringue Girls

Their adorable meringue kisses are a showstopper at Broadway Market. This Valentine’s Day, you can order a Sending Love Postal Box from the popular Meringue Girls, which is basically an assorted treat box; or have a little DIY baking fun with their Valentines Baking Kit (to make meringue kisses) and/or their Heart Pavlova Kit!

Bun House

Valentines Day Mantau Fondue from the Bun House
Photo credits to Bun House

Ever thought about having buns for fondue? The Bun House has launched this very special Valentines Day fondue kit, featuring Strawberry Mini Mantau Swirl Buns with a range of dipping sauces (including white chocolate tahini, strawberry milk shake, and creamy matcha). The buns and dips are vegetarian friendly.

My Cookie Dough

Valentines Day Red Velvet Cookie Skillet from My Cookie Dough
Photo credits to My Cookie Dough

Sweet, soft and gooey, cookie doughs are impossible to not love. My Cookie Dough’s special valentine’s day dessert collection is definitely the ultimate treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Their Valentines Special Skillet features a triple choc Cookie Dough on the bottom, smooth chocolate ganache filling with ruby chocolate chips, red velvet cookie dough on top, and swirled with Nutella to finish. Or try their Mississippi Love Pie, which is equally indulgent!

Free shipping for orders over £40.

Delivery: Nationwide

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UK Valentine's Day Dessert Delivery

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