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Indian Cuisine

About Brigadiers

Brigadiers is a sleek modern Indian barbecue restaurant part of the JKS Restaurant Group. Keep reading to see what we ordered >>

Masala Chicken Skins

A great little nibble as starters.

Afghani Lamb Cannon Kebab Skewer

Incredibly juicy lamb kebab skewers.  Recommend.

Masala Scallops

Fresh scallops with mint sauce, masala, and crispy fried onions. Highly recommend.

BBQ Butter Chicken Wings

Succulent chicken wings smothered with creamy butter sauce. Recommend.

Tawa Carabinero Biryani

An epic biryani featuring flavourful spices and fresh prawns. Highly recommend.

Tandoori Lamb Chops

Half rack lamb chops served on a hot sizzling iron plate. Recommend.

Bombay Chai

Finished with a glass of Bombay Chai.

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