Bun House and Tea Room

Baos, i.e. Asian steamed buns, have been trending all over London over the recent years. From the establishment of the Taiwanese eatery Bao and all the other rising Japanese restaurants selling hirata buns – now it’s time for the Cantonese style steamed buns to emerge and that’s what Bun House & Tea Room is bringing […]

Iftar at BIRD Restaurant

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! How’s your fast going? Alhamdullilah mine’s been going quite well. One thing I noticed for this year is the rise of restaurants offering an iftar menu. It’s actually amazing to see so many restaurants in London are catering to this community. Even though I do prefer staying at home for iftar (mainly because […]

The Friends of Ours

Hiding in the streets of Shoreditch, the Friends of Ours is such a underrated brunch spot in London. This independent cafe specializes in brunch and also serves specialty coffee. A friend of mine was coming down to London. We were supposed to meet up for lunch but after a twist of events the night before, […]

Recipe: Making Chinese Steamed Fish

Chinese food is 100% not all about deep frying and msg-packed sauces. A typical weeknight meal would include some really simple stir-fry and steamed dishes. Yes, steamed. Steamed fish is most absolutely one of the most common dish on our dinner tables. If you ever wonder why us Asians are typically so petite, this is […]

Is Bangkok Really Banning Street Food?

Recently there’s been news all around about a ban on street food in Bangkok. According to multiple sources, it is said that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) ordered all street food vendors to be shut down by the end of the year in a move to prioritize “order and hygiene”. To me this doesn’t make […]