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I’m ET, the person writing, photographing, and running everything behind the blog ET Food Voyage. This blog is like my food journal, where I like to document my food experiences with words and pictures, and share them with you guys! I write both restaurant reviews and home cooking recipes on this blog. I also sometimes write about my food experiences when I travel out of town too!

A little background of myself…

I’m originally born and raised in Hong Kong, and have moved to the UK when I was 18 years old. Back home we have a huge foodie/eating-out culture there and I enjoyed writing short reviews on restaurant review platforms then. I really missed all of that when I moved here.

Then as I moved to London in Autumn 2015, I noticed the booming food scene in the city so I decided to start out this blog and here I am!

What food & restaurants do I blog about?

Anything halal-friendly! Given my background, I do have a soft spot for Pan-Asian cuisines and I love Indian cuisine a lot too. I am also totally a bubble tea addict, as well as obsessed with cakes and coffees. As long as it’s good food, I’m in.

What recipes do I write about?

The recipes I write about are dishes that reflects me as a person. Expect a little taste of halal-friendly Chinese dishes that speak to my childhood and upbringing. I also love whipping up a good pasta because I love carbs and there are so much flavour combos you can play around with. And comfort foods! Nothing makes me happier than some food hearty comfort food. It’s all about the dishes I love.

Most of the recipes I write and post are quick and easy to make and are aimed to make cooking less daunting and more fun. No complicated ingredients, just convenient and no-fuss recipe ideas.

Come get in touch!

If you have any questions, thinking of collaborations, business ideas, or just want to say hi, you can contact me at [email protected]

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