So, there’s a place that only sells scones. Before you start thinking it’s just another traditional English tea room serving British cream tea, this one’s a bit different and a little fun. Along Pembridge Road of Notting Hill, you’ll find Cheeky Scone, a fun little cafe that sells only scones and make them in all sorts of different flavours. It’s not going to be just the standard plain scones with clotted cream & jam (nothing wrong with that), but you’re going to find some unexpected “cheeky” & fun flavours available!

Visiting on a late Saturday morning, the cafe was absolutely packed. The shop seemed small at first but if you pop down the narrow stairs, there is a more spacious seating area plus a small outdoor garden to sit in as well. Whilst upstairs maintained light wooden and airy interiors, there’s a mismatching blue neon light on the wall to greet you as you arrive at the bottom of the stairs before opening up to a bright area towards the yellow-walled garden.

Cheeky Scones: Innovative Scone Flavours

At Cheeky Scones, you’d find a seasonally changing menu and a range of innovative scone flavours. Aside from classics such as plain, sultana, and cheese scones, you can also find the likes of Cinnamon Bun Scones, Pandan Coconut, Garlic Pesto Cheese Scones, Triple Chocolate, Apple Crumble, Lemon Poppyseed, Lavender & Honey, Charcoal Coconut, etc. Make sure you keep an eye on their socials for any special flavours they have available for the week.

For fillings, there is the obvious clotted cream and jam (strawberry/raspberry), and there’s also lemon curd, orange marmalade, cream cheese, butter, and onion relish.

Date of visit: October 2022

Maple Pecan Scones w/ Clotted Cream (£5)

On the day of my visit, one of the special flavours was the Maple Pecan scone which immediately caught my eye. It’s got a lovely maple syrup glaze over the light crust of the scone, with pecan nuts within for a little crunch and extra texture. The flavour combo was certainly amazing, without a doubt. As for the scone itself, it was huge in size and lightly moist to taste. It’s a bit more crumbly than I would’ve liked but the crumbs still have a tender bite and weren’t in any way dry in texture.

I was looking to grab a coffee from them too but, unfortunately, the coffee machine wasn’t working on the day so I’d have to save it for next time.

Review Summary

Cheeky Scone is certainly a cute cafe concept and I love all the unique scone flavours they offer. It’s a cool little spot to stop by en route to Notting Hill’s famous Portobello Market or a great option to pick up a variety of scones for having a picnic at the nearby Kensington Park Gardens!

  • Food
  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Value for Money

Tel: 020 4568 3343
Instagram: cheekyscone

Nearest station: Notting Hill

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