Flipper’s Hong Kong Japanese Souffle Pancakes

I’ve been drooling all over Japanese souffle pancakes ever since they became popular across social media. Then there comes Fuwa Fuwa in London, which I enjoyed but was not massively impressed with. So while I was in Hong Kong, I was more than determined to find out what the standards for Japanese souffle pancakes are – and here I am at Flipper’s!

Flipper’s Hong Kong: The Original Japanese Souffle Pancakes

There are loads of dessert shops serving Japanese souffle pancakes these days but I believe Flipper’s is one of the first ones to pop off in the city. They are originally from Tokyo and are renowned for their Kiseki souffle pancakes. These pancakes are made completely with Japanese ingredients, including Miyagi eggs, locally-grown wheat, and house-made maple-butter cream.

Interior of Flipper's Hong Kong

Flipper’s Hong Kong is located in the Hysan shopping mall in Causeway Bay. You can find them on the 6th floor within the area of the clothing brand i.t blue block. You won’t miss it at all because it’s impossible to not be attracted by that alluring buttery & maple aroma as you hop on the escalator to the floor! In other words, simply follow your nose and it will lead you right there.

We’ve heard many stories of hours of waiting time. Therefore we opted to visit on a Monday morning which, thankfully, has been the right decision. The shop wasn’t crowded and we got seated immediately. The setting is very bright, lined with light wooden community tables and has a very cute charm to it. After you’re seated, you need to get up to the counter to order and pay.

The Food: What We Ordered

Date of visit: September 2019

Classic Plain Pancakes (HKD $99)

Classic Kiseki Japanese Souffle Pancakes at Flipper's Hong Kong

Soon enough, a stack of three thick and wobbly souffle pancakes was served. They’re dusted with icing sugar and topped with a massive dollop of their signature house-made Maple Butter Cream.

The pancakes were ridiculously soft and fluffy. It’s so airy inside but still very moist. The flavours were superb too – buttery, eggy and incredibly fragrant. It smelled SO GOOD. While it says plain on the menu, this pancake dish was nothing plain. Everything just hit the spot tremendously well. With the combination of the heavenly maple butter cream, it was a total foodgasmic moment with these pancakes.

Hazelnut, Chocolate, Caramel Banana Pancakes (HKD $119)

Japanese Souffle Pancakes with Hazelnut, Chocolate, and Caramel Banana at Flipper's Hong Kong

My sister picked the chocolate hazelnut one, which also comes with three pancakes and is topped with chocolate hazelnut cream, a caramelised banana, and some hazelnuts. This pancake dish has the perfect balance of sweetness, with all ingredients complementing each other perfectly. That caramelisation on the banana was spot on as well with the impeccable coating. Like a good creme brulee, the caramelised layer crackles as you knock on it with a fork gently – absolutely stunning!

Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte at Flipper's Hong Kong

As for drinks, I ordered myself a Matcha Latte. To my surprise and delight, it came with very beautiful latte art. The matcha itself was definitely strong and intense, but still well-balanced without being overly bitter or sickening. Overall, it’s a decent cup.

Iced Golden Milk Tea

We also tried out one of the recommended drinks on the menu, i.e. the Golden Milk Tea. Interestingly, it tasted almost like a blend of silky Malaysian Teh Tarik and Hong Kong-style milk tea. It was really enjoyable and would definitely recommend if you’re a milk tea lover!

Food Review Summary

Summing up, we absolutely loved Flipper’s! Those Kiseki pancakes were absolutely to die for and have really raised the bar very high for souffle pancakes. For those not having a massive sweet tooth, there’re savoury options on the menu too but they won’t be of Kiseki souffle-style pancakes. Though I’m sure the quality of food would be just as good. If you have a Flipper’s in your city, don’t walk but run there to get your Japanese souffle pancakes fix!

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Tel: +852 2367 2133
Website: http://flippers-pancake.jp/

Nearest station: Causeway Bay

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