18 Best London Hot Chocolate Places

A warming cup of hot chocolate is an absolute essential in the winter months. London is no short of fantastic hot chocolate places to warm you up and satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether it’s a famously thick Italian hot chocolate, a creamy Parisian one, or a unique fusion of flavours, London has it all. Check out our list of London’s Best Hot Chocolate Places where we put together a list of our favourite spots around town!

Where to find the Best Hot Chocolate in London

A cup of hot chocolate at Knoops


Knoops ought to be high up on everyone’s list when it comes to London’s best hot chocolate spots. The variety of chocolate percentages, milk, and toppings they offer means that you can customise your hot chocolate to your own taste! Our go-to order is 54% with oat/coconut milk, or 34% regular/oat milk if we fancy something a little milky. They always hit the spot.

Location: Various

Website | Instagram

Dark Sugars

Dark Sugars is always one of the top spots for the best hot chocolate in London. It prides itself on using fine-quality chocolate sourced from West Africa and tops off each cup of hot chocolate with plenty of chocolate shavings for extra indulgence!


Since launching their shop at St. Christopher’s Place, Festok offers a range of delicious Middle Eastern desserts in addition to their famous Lebanese artisan ice creams. This includes a special hot chocolate for the winter season, featuring hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, candy floss, and a little touch of pistachio. It’s no doubt a rich and indulgent treat, and something a little different than usual as well!

Italian Bear Chocolate

It doesn’t get more chocolatey than having a rich cup of Italian hot chocolate swirled with triple chocolate sauce around the cup! This used to be Said Dal’s speciality but ever since they closed down in London, Italian Bear Chocolate is the other spot that does it the exact same way.

The Carlton Tower Jumeriah

This would probably be the most luxurious hot chocolate on the list – both taste & price-wise. Before you freak out at the £18 price tag, the hot chocolate at The Carlton Tower Jumeriah is going to truly impress you and be worth it. The portion is enough for 2 persons to share and it comes with cookies, strawberries, chantilly cream, and dulce de leche chocolate. Expect ultra-rich & velvety chocolate and a one-of-a-kind experience there!

The Treats Club

Not only are their hot donuts fantastic, but The Treats Club also makes a mean cup of S’mores hot chocolate that’s definitely deserving a top spot for London’s best! It’s incredibly rich & velvety to taste, and its torched homemade halal marshmallow fluff is something made out of dreams.

Location: Carnaby / Shoreditch

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Melt Chocolates

Melt Chocolates is an award-winning chocolatier in London so it’s no surprise that they make a good cup of hot chocolate too! It may seem like a small cup but it’d be the perfect luxurious cup of hot chocolate to warm you up. Besides eating and drinking chocolates, Melt Chocolates also run lots of chocolate workshops which would make a fun date activity!

Apple Blue Cafe

You may know them as a great halal brunch spot in London, but did you know Apple Blue Cafe makes a mean cup of hot chocolate in winter too? Their thick cocoa is made of 70% Colombian chocolate, Milk & Cream from The Estate Dairy, and Bourbon Vanilla Bean. Even better, it is served in a chocolate-rimmed cup and can be topped with a torched halal marshmallow if you like!

Hotel Chocolat

We’re all familiar that Hotel Chocolat makes some fantastic chocolate gift boxes. So it’s no surprise that they also make a good cup of hot chocolate! It doesn’t get any dreamier when they top the cup with their signature Cocoa Whip.

P.S. If you’re looking for a gift for your hot chocolate connoisseur friend, Hotel Chocolat’s velvetiser would be the perfect pick!

Location: Various

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Visiting Laduree in Covent Garden and sipping on its Parisian hot chocolate (i.e. chocolat chaud) is like a little escapism to the French capital. Expect a luxuriously rich and silky cup of hot chocolate, served with whipped cream on the side – just like how it’s done in Paris. You just can’t go wrong with that.

Shuk London

Ever tried a Tahini Hot Chocolate? Shuk London has come up with the perfect hot chocolate that’s balanced with a hint of tahini flavour and extra richness & creaminess. Not only is it great for the cold winter when you’re strolling around Borough Market but it’s also particularly perfect to pair it with a slice of their famous Babka for dipping!

Torched Marshmallow Fluff Hot Chocolate from Chin Chin

Chin Chin

That silky richness and torched marshmallow fluff (halal-friendly!) made Chin Chin widely recognised as one of London’s best hot chocolates. They are one of the few places that use vegetarian marshmallows so you can fully enjoy the classic combo of a s’mores hot chocolate.

Location: Soho / Camden


The Nook

Somewhat similar to Knoops, The Nook is another hot chocolate spot in town that offers different chocolate percentages for you to choose from. The Nook is an independent local cafe emphasising high-quality speciality coffees and luxury hot chocolates, and it’s exactly what one would call a local gem!

A cup of ube hot chocolate topped with purple ube cream at Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

At Mamasons, you can find the prettiest-looking cup of Ube Hot Chocolate. It tastes just as good as it looks – sweet, milky, with a subtle hint of ube.


There’s just something special about Venchi’s chocolate and hazelnut gelatos. So of course, it’s just as dreamy when you enjoy it in the form of hot chocolate! Expect rich & thick Italian-style hot chocolate and we recommend getting it with their signature chocolate hazelnut spread for a Nutella-like boost of flavours.

Location: Various

Website: https://uk.venchi.com/
Instagram: venchi1878

A cup of creme brulee hot chocolate at Milk Train London

Milk Train

You already know all about their insta-famous candy floss ice cream, but did you know that Milk Train makes a good cup of hot chocolate too? Expect velvety rich hot chocolate, with toppings options available such as this pictured Creme Brulee hot chocolate!

A cup of thick hot chocolate at Santa Nata London

Santa Nata

Santa Nata’s pasteis de nata are 100% unrivalled in London and we discovered that they make a decent cup of hot chocolate too! It’s very rich, creamy, and sweet. It’ll probably send you to a bit of a sugar rush but this snack combo of pastel de nata and hot chocolate does sound amazing, doesn’t it?!

Location: Covent Garden

Website: https://santanata.com/
Instagram: santanata.uk


You probably already know Badiani serves some of the best gelatos in London. Personally, I’m especially obsessed with their Pistachio gelato and it’s no coincidence that it’s their most popular flavour! Now, just imagine that luscious pistachio paste served with a thick Italian hot chocolate – ain’t that a dream!? Badiani’s pistachio hot chocolate also comes topped with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and, of course, a piece of wafer.

Location: Various

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