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Zenith Lisboa Brunch

Having visited quite a number of brunch spots during this trip to Lisbon, I decided to collate a little Lisbon Brunch Series on the blog to share some of my favourites here to you! If you ask for my favourite so far, I’m going to say Zenith Lisboa.

Zenith Lisboa is known as a brunch restaurant, a speciality coffee shop, and even an evening cocktail bar. They offer a wide variety of options on the menu, from fry ups to pancakes (both savoury and sweet), and to a range of vegan options. On top of that, the restaurant showcases trendy decors and spacious seating. It’s truly a lovely spot to hang out.

Zenith Lisboa is easy to get to as it’s very centrally located in Lisbon. It’s just a short 5-minute walk away from Avenida station or less than 10-minute walk away from either Rossio or Restauradores stations. Arriving at around 9.30-10 am on a Tuesday, the restaurant was already absolutely buzzing. Luckily some people were just leaving and we managed to get seated quickly. Here is what we ordered:

Flat White (€2.50)

Coffees at Zenith Lisboa

One of the key things for a good brunch ought to come with a good cup of coffee. And this from Zenith has been a great one.

The coffee was of really good quality, featuring strong and intense flavours, whilst not being overpowering at all. It was generally velvety to taste and simply a great buzz to the morning.

Zenith Pancakes (€9)

Savoury pancakes with runny poached egg at Zenith Lisboa

There are a couple of savoury pancake options on the menu and I decided to go for their signature Zenith Pancakes dish. The dish involves the most fluffy pancake topped with cheddar cheese, garlic mayonnaise, wild mushrooms, tomatoes, fried onions and a beautifully poached egg.

First things first, I went to poke the poached egg. To my delight, the yolk started pouring out of the egg instantly, showcasing the perfect yolky poached egg. As for the remainder of the dish, I enjoyed every component of it. The pancake itself, as mentioned, was exceptionally fluffy and the fried onions added a little bit of crunch to the texture. All in all, I absolutely loved it!

Oreo Pancakes (€7.50)

Oreo pancakes topped with ice cream at Zenith Lisboa

For those with a sweet tooth, we also ordered the Oreo Pancakes, which is topped with banana cream, strawberries, Zenith’s homemade Oreo ice cream and Oreo crumbs.

Again, the pancakes were incredibly fluffy and wonderful. I think the highlight of this pancake dish was definitely the banana cream. It was simply luscious and oozing with banana aroma. The Oreo crumbs added texture to the pancake dish. It was, again, a stunning sweet pancake dish that’s impossible to not fall in love for.

Coffee bar at Zenith Lisboa

In summary…

…I absolutely loved Zenith Lisboa and would highly recommend the place for breakfast/brunch if you’re visiting Lisbon. As I said, Zenith Lisboa is the favourite among all the brunch places we visited on this trip. I thoroughly enjoyed the food. The pancakes were an absolute dream, and they couldn’t be any more satisfactory. They say it themselves: “brunch is just the most important meal of the day” – you can definitely trust a place like this to serve up an epic breakfast!

Zenith also has a branch in Porto but we didn’t visit that one while we’re there as we wanted to explore other breakfast spots. But I imagine it’d be just as delightful as the Lisbon branch!

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Tel: +351 21 152 7583
Instagram: @zenithlisboa

Nearest metro station: Avenida

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Zenith Lisboa restaurant review
Zenith Lisboa restaurant review

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