Recipe: Making Garlic Parsley Pasta

Again I must emphasise the beauty of pasta – it offers so much varieties and can be made super simple. Here’s, once again, a recipe to a simple weeknight pasta dinner. One that’s incredibly cheap and only requires simple ‘pantry ingredients’. The main ingredients are simply garlic, chilli flakes and parsley. You can easily serve […]

GBK Burger’s Chicken Ninja

Halal Status: only the Japanese panko fried chicken is halal (you can order that with any burger combo, not just the chicken burger menu) Surely London doesn’t lack any gourmet burgers nowadays. But back in 2001, the scenario was completely different. Three New Zealanders at the time decided to bring the concept of ‘gourmet burger’ […]

Artisanal Gelato Day at Mercanto Metropolitano

Mercanto Metropolitano is a community-based urban market based in Elephant & Castle with a strong focus on Italian food, locally-sourced and socially-conscious products. I don’t know how I wasn’t aware of this place before. Maybe it’s because I rarely wander around Elephant & Castle, but now I’m glad I have discovered this place. I was there for the Artisanal […]

Guildford: Sushi Lab

Sushi Lab is a new quick-service Japanese restaurant in Guildford town centre. Any particular reason I would go out of London for this place? This place is opened by my friend from secondary school and I couldn’t be more proud of him for this achievement. This little charismatic shop was opened back in late October and […]

Tang London

Halal Status: Halal (pork and alcohol served though) One of the things I kind of avoid when eating out in London is Chinese food. I’ve always find it rather hard to find something that’s comparable to home. London has lots of halal food places across many cuisines but a decent Chinese one hardly existed (in my […]


Halal Status: Halal I’ve heard good things about Alounak for a while now. I have always planned to visit the restaurant at Bayswater at some point for dinner or what not but somehow I never came round the time to do so. I did finally get to try this place out, but not at the […]

Biju Bubble Tea

Where in London do you normally get your bubble tea from? I don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing – I found Biju Bubble Tea inside Westfield, which is rather close to where I live. Good thing is I no longer need to make an effort to head towards Nottinghill […]

Marley’s Cupcakes

While we were in Camden a couple weeks ago to try out Magic Falafel, we spotted Marley’s Cupcakes at the Stables Market. How the place caught our attention is because they sell the tiniest cupcakes we’ve ever seen! It’s beyond just mini cupcakes, it’s actually ridiculously tiny – which is quite cute for the eyes […]

Mangal Express x Just Eat

Halal Status: Halal There’s nothing I look forward to more than a good meal. As much as I love eating out, during the week, jam-packed with work, nothing can beat good food in the comfort of home. After a long busy day, you just want that comforting feeling of home and to enjoy a hearty meal […]