Where to Find the Viral Round Croissant in London

A plate of a chocolate-cover round croissant

New York Supreme Croissants have taken the world into a pastry frenzy. It all started at Lafayette Bakery in New York City, where executive pastry chef Scott Cioe created this cream-filled round-shaped croissant and it’s blown up on social media. Since then, every bakery around the world started jumping on the hype to create their own version of the viral round croissant and this, of course, included London! Want to get a taste of those viral pastries? Come check out our guide to where to get the viral round croissant in London.

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Where to Buy Round Supreme Croissant in London

This list will continue to be updated as more bakeries pop up / offer the round supreme croissants. As per everything on this blog, please always double-check the halal status of each restaurant as suppliers/recipes may change.

Philippe Conticini

The first bakery in London to launch the viral round croissant is Philippe Conticini. These supreme croissants do indeed reign supreme. The two most popular flavours are pistachio and hazelnut praline, winning the hearts & bellies of every foodie in London. Let’s just say, the hype is real!

Yeast Bakery

If you’re looking for innovative flavour combos for your round croissants in London, then head east to Hackney’s local favourite Yeast Bakery. Expect cracking flavours such as Raspberry & Crumble, Chocolate & Hazelnut Brownie, and Matcha & Almond, as well as limited seasonal flavours. You’re just going to be spoilt with options here and they’re certainly some of the best looking round croissants out there!

Kuro Bakery

Kuro Bakery is probably the second bakery in London to offer their own take of the round croissant. Instead of being called a supreme croissant, they’ve named it “Sakuro”. These may be smaller than the ones you see from other shops but they are no short of quality. Only two flavours are available – vanilla or chocolate. Personally, I adored the Vanilla Sakuro for how delicate the flavours are!

The Whale Bakery

They started as a bubble tea spot around London and now they’re branching out into the pastry world with The Whale Bakery. The Asian bakery has gained lots of social media attention with its opening and one of the highly noted pastries is the round croissant! Not only are they incredibly delicious but they are also cheaper than many other London bakeries. If you’re a pastry lover based in north London near Colindale, this is seriously a win-win situation.

Hachi Bakery

They call it the New York roll at Hachi Bakery for their own take on the viral round croissants. Only one flavour is available and that is the ever-popular pistachio flavour. Many have claimed that this round croissant at Hachi was a bit dry and not as up to par as some of the bigger names mentioned in this article. Nevertheless, it’s still a great Japanese bakery to pop by in West London and the Curry Pan (Japanese curry bun) is known to be an extraordinary one!


Is there anything that Sakurado doesn’t do? I think not! From mille crepe galore to choux & eclairs, they’ve now added viral round croissant wheels to their list of offerings as well! You can get them in chocolate or pistachio flavour, both featuring irresistible flaky pastry, generously filled with cream and topped with a rich ganache.

Dum Dum Doughnuts

Dum Dum is known as the original baked doughnut shop in London and is also known for its baked cronut offerings. Back in the day, they’ve even gone viral for their cronut ice cream cone offerings! Now they’re trying to ride another viral hype and are offering these viral round croissants, or technically round-shaped stuffed croissant donuts.

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