Amsterdam: Libertine Comptoir de Cuisine

*Libertine Comptoir de Cuisine has permanently closed down*

I don’t know about you but having the perfect breakfast spot while travelling can really set the day for me. To be honest, it would do the magic at any day but even more so whilst on the road! Thanks to Instagram, I came across Libertine Comptoir de Cuisine with its fancy-looking French toasts. The mere look of their toasts just had me absolutely head over heels.

There are actually three shops under Libertine – the Libertine Cafe, Libertine Petite Cafe, and the one we’re here for is Libertine Comptoir de Cuisine. It’s a very cute French style cafe located centrally within Amsterdam. The interior is bright and adorable with neon lights at the end of the wall.

Eggs Norwegian Toast (€12.50)

Libertine Comptoir Eggs Norwegian

Eggs benedicts have never looked this good. Not only was this one very photogenic dish, it also tasted amazing. Generous amount of smoked salmon slices are served with a perfectly poached egg on top. The brioche toast was carries a light crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The dish was very well-seasoned overall and the hollandaise sauce hits the spot for me as well. Though it doesn’t look particularly massive, it does fill you up well.

Vanilla Mascarpone & Pecan Nuts French Toast (€8)

Libertine Comptoir Amsterdam Vanilla Mascarpone French Toast

As for the sweet French toasts, my favourite is most definitely this Vanilla Mascarpone one. The impeccable balance of sweetness and beautiful vanilla fragrance have swept my feet off the ground. The pecan nuts add a very lovely crunch to it and goes so well with the vanilla mascarpone. All in all, I’d highly recommend ordering this one!

 Nutella & Banana French Toast (€7)

My friend also ordered another sweet one with Nutella and Bananas as toppings. You can go absolutely no wrong with the combo of Nutella and bananas. Due to its generous toppings, it’s actually kind of rich.

Flat White

And last but not least, of course I had a Flat White to wash everything down. The coffee was pretty standard and decent. Not the best but nothing to complain.

All in all, if you’re looking for a breakfast spot in Amsterdam, most certainly pay Libertine Comptoir de Cuisine a visit. We enjoyed it a lot and it has set a really great start for us for a day of exploring. If you’re in Amsterdam, pay a visit and let us know what you think!

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  • Atmosphere

Tel: +31 20 308 4310

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