Following Elan Cafe, here’s another “Instagram cafe” at South Kensington – The Knot Churros. There are many Instagrammable food places all over London nowadays, but my problem is that they don’t necessarily deliver the best food. It’s a bit of a hit and miss really. You can read from my previous reviews for Elan Cafe, Dalloway Terrace, and Saint Aymes – where the food can really go either way. Regardless, I decided to give The Knot Churros a go, hoping it’s more than just a pretty place.

As expected, the interior of the cafe is “Instagram-worthy” at every corner. The whole place is coloured in pink, with a swing chair by the entrance (I find it an “Instagram essential” these days!), lined with pink sofa booths, and each table has its own pink feathery peacock decoration.

We went on a Thursday evening and a table had just left by the time we arrived. Seeing there didn’t seem to be a reception and no staff were giving us attention, we walked over to the table. But then the staff suddenly told us to wait by the entrance as the table “may be reserved”. Not sure whether that’s true or not because the website clearly stated “The Knot does not take reservations”. We obliged and waited a little bit, then they gave us that table anyway and told us we have roughly 30 minutes only for the table. We sat down and had our food, which did take at least 30 minutes (probably it had been 30 minutes alone for waiting for the food), but no one else ever showed up.

Despite the confusion on the staff’s end and the long wait for the food to arrive, we were hoping it would be all worth it. Here are the flavours we ordered:

Churros Ice Cream Sundae at The Knot Churros

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (£6.9)

“Cinnamon churros dipped with white Belgium chocolate, sprinkled with rainbow stars, and soft serve ice cream”

Churros Ice Cream Sundae with Candy Floss at The Knot Churros

Midnight Violet (£6.9)

“Cinnamon churros dipped with white Belgium chocolate, sprinkled with purple midnight sprinkles, white candy stick, soft serve ice cream”

Churros Ice Cream Sundae at The Knot Churros

Chocolate Fest (£6.9)

“Cinnamon churros dipped with Belgium chocolate, sprinkled chocolate flakes, honeycomb chocolate, toffee cube, soft serve ice cream”

There’s undeniably a little “wow” effect when these churros sundaes were served. The presentation was very pretty and we absolutely loved the colours & patterns of the plates.

All three are pretty much the same except for the toppings. The soft-serve ice cream was decent. It was a bit on the sweeter side and came in generous portion size. As for the churros though, it was a complete letdown. The churros were soggy and we find the texture way too overly dense. Unfortunately, they just weren’t pleasant at all and disappointing, to say the least.

If you’re not in the mood for a churros sundae, you can order just churros (dipped or glazed), ice cream, or candy stick. Alternatively, the menu also offer milkshakes / teas & coffees. However, the appalling churros quality from the sundae has probably scarred me from trying any more churros from them.

In summary…

…whilst the ice cream was alright, I just can’t help but feel massively letdown by the churros. The churros were supposed to be a speciality of the place – it’s on the name – and I can’t fathom how it can be the most disappointing item. If you’re looking for something that’ll look good on the camera, yes, The Knot Churros seemed to offer some extremely photogenic treats but it’s honestly not worth it.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Atmosphere

Instagram: @theknotchurros

Nearest station: South Kensington

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The Knot Churros Restaurant Review

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