From baking for neighbours at mum’s kitchen to crowdfunding and securing a shop just off Portobello Road in Nottinghill, Buns From Home has been an inspiring story to hear in the midst of all the difficulties of 2020. Why have regular buns when you can use buttery croissant dough? The idea of croissant buns have proven to be extremely popular and have definitely caught my attention to try them out. While sweet-flavoured buns take the main spotlight, they have equally attractive savoury offerings such as focaccia and cooked-on-demand brunch buns (i.e. think of avocado & egg in a croissant bun).

Buns From Home is open for collection at their Nottinghill shop or you can order online from their website where they offer delivery around nearby west London neighbourhoods.

Here is what we ordered:

Please note that Buns From Home do not serve halal meats on their savoury offerings.

Cinnamon Bun (£3.5)

Cinnamon Croissant Bun by Buns From Home

The concept of cinnamon buns can simply do no wrong and incorporating it with a croissant dough is guaranteed a winner. This cinnamon bun features a crispy exterior, laced with criss-cross icing on top, enveloping a well-layered and flakey croissant dough with muscovado sugar and cinnamon on the inside.

I really enjoyed the buttery fragrance of the pastry, which worked really well with the cinnamon sugar. Though I would personally like just a little bit more filling and icing to make it a little more devilishly irresistible. A good one nonetheless.

Chocolate & Hazelnut Bun (£3.5)

More or less similar to the Cinnamon Bun within their classic pastry range, the Chocolate & Hazelnut Bun has been an absolute winner. The chocolate and hazelnut filling really hit the spot and was executed just right. It really was the perfect munch and best enjoyed with a steaming cup of coffee!

Pistachio Bun (£3.5)

Pistachio Croissant Bun by Buns From Home

The Pistachio Bun is no doubt my favourite from Buns From Home. It features a double-baked layered croissant dough that is laced generously with a delectable homemade pistachio frangipane and topped with more pistachio.

What really stole my heart here is how genuine the pistachio flavours are. It didn’t come with an artificial almond aftertaste which I’m rather pesky about when it comes to pistachio-flavoured treats. I loved how the crushed pistachio added texture to it and its fragrance simply seeping through the laminated layers.

Cream Custard Bun (£4.5)

Featuring a delicate vanilla fragrance, the custard bun was a simple yet delightful treat. The filling was rich and generous in amount, all enveloped with the ultra crispy and well-laminated pastry.

Sourdough Baguette (£2.9)

In January, Buns From Home were offering free baguettes giveaways so I got it for free. It’s got a lovely crust, with a fluffy texture inside. The bread offered a subtle tangy taste and a good balance of airy texture between sourdough and traditional white baguette.

In summary…

I absolutely adored Buns From Home’s bakery goods and would definitely recommend checking them out. They no doubt offer high quality bakery goods, with a winning concept that’s simply irresistible. Keep your eyes peeled on their social media as well for any weekend special flavours!

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Buns From Home no doubt offers high-quality bakery goods, with a winning concept that’s simply irresistible. 

Instagram: @bunsfromhome

Nearest station: Ladbroke Grove

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