Why have regular buns when you can use buttery croissant dough? Just imagine that extra buttery lusciousness and the extra crispiness of the pastry, if this pastry concept isn’t the king of all pastries, I don’t know what is. That’s why this new little bakery, Buns From Home, tucked away just a few steps from Portobello Road in Notting Hill, is such a big hit. It basically takes things to a whole new level for the likes of cinnamon buns, cardamom buns, etc. Warning: these buns are ridiculously delicious and addictive!

Buns From Home: an inspiring lockdown story

We love a good story behind every business, and Buns From Home has got a lovely one. 2020 hasn’t been a kind year to most but sometimes it could be a blessing in disguise. After furlough, Barney has found himself missing baking and started off baking for his neighbours at his mum’s kitchen. It didn’t take long for his freshly baked goods to gain plenty of popularity. Very quickly, it went from casually baking at home to involving his brother and friends to help out with deliveries. A little crowdfunding later, they have managed to secure their Notting Hill shop and the rest is history.

The Food (What We Ordered)

Over their counter, you can find a range of artisanal classic buns, i.e cinnamon buns, cardamom buns, and chocolate hazelnut buns. Vegan options are also available for each flavour. Then there are the dessert buns, featuring the likes of pistachio, vanilla custard, tiramisu, mixed berry cheesecake etc., as well as a weekend special that changes every week. While sweet-flavoured buns take the main spotlight, they have equally attractive savoury offerings such as focaccia and cooked-on-demand brunch buns (i.e. think of avocado & egg in a croissant bun).

Buns From Home is open for collection at their Nottinghill shop or you can order online from their website where they offer delivery around nearby west London neighbourhoods, as well as nationwide delivery for selected items.

Please note that Buns From Home is not halal but there are plenty of vegetarian-friendly options. Double-check with staff if some flavours may contain alcohol.

Cinnamon Bun (£3.5)

The concept of cinnamon buns can simply do no wrong and incorporating it with a croissant dough is guaranteed a winner. This cinnamon bun features a crispy exterior, laced with criss-cross icing on top, enveloping a well-layered and flakey croissant dough with muscovado sugar and cinnamon on the inside. That buttery fragrance of the pastry was to die for and you just can’t beat a classic flavour such as cinnamon bun. This is definitely a must-order at Buns From Home!

Chocolate & Hazelnut Bun (£3.5)

More or less similar to the Cinnamon Bun within their classic pastry range, the Chocolate & Hazelnut Bun has been an absolute winner too. The chocolate and hazelnut filling really hit the spot and was executed just right. It really was the perfect munch and best enjoyed with a steaming cup of coffee, which is available at the shop too!

Cardamom Bun (£3.5)

Another flavour within their classic range is the Cardamom Bun. The texture was spot on as per all their other buns and the flavours were beautiful. That cardamom flavour wasn’t too punchy and was well-balanced with sweetness. Some might fancy it with a stronger touch but I think it’s at that perfect balance where everyone would enjoy it.

Pistachio Bun (£3.5)

The Pistachio Bun is no doubt my favourite from Buns From Home. It features a double-baked layered croissant dough that is laced generously with a delectable homemade pistachio frangipane and topped with more pistachio.

What really stole my heart here is how genuine the pistachio flavours are. It didn’t come with an artificial almond aftertaste which I’m rather pesky about when it comes to pistachio-flavoured treats. I loved how the crushed pistachio added texture to it and its fragrance simply seeping through the laminated layers.

Cream Custard Bun (£4.5)

Featuring a delicate vanilla fragrance, the custard bun was a simple yet delightful treat. The filling was rich and generous in amount, all enveloped with ultra-crispy and well-laminated pastry.

Sourdough Baguette (£2.9)

In January 2021, Buns From Home were offering free baguettes giveaways so I got it for free. It’s got a lovely crust, with a fluffy texture inside. The bread offered a subtle tangy taste and a good balance of airy texture between sourdough and traditional white baguettes. Thought I’d just mention it!

Food Review Summary

In a nutshell: love, love, love! I absolutely adored Buns From Home’s bakery goods, if not a little obsessed. Without hesitation, I would definitely recommend you to check them out. It’s a winning concept that’s simply irresistible and of artisanally high quality. The queues outside their shop should be enough of a testament to how good these buns are. You’d definitely want to keep your eyes peeled on their social media as well for any weekend special flavours!

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Halal Status

Buns From Home is not halal but have plenty of vegetarian-friendly options. Please double-check with staff if the product contains alcohol on selected flavours.

Website: https://www.bunsfromhome.com/
Instagram: @bunsfromhome

Nearest station: Ladbroke Grove

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