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There was Kova Patisserie Soho, then came Kova Patisserie Chinatown…and now here comes Kova Patisserie South Kensington! For those who’ve always wanted to sit down to enjoy Kova’s delicious treats, this newly opened South Kensington branch will give you that. The shop is just steps away from South Kensington station. It’s still a small shop but more seats than their Soho branch and more comfortable as well.

Expect to see plenty of familiar treats on the menu, as well as some newly added items and drinks specifically for the South Kensington branch. Here is what we had:

*Disclaimer: I was invited by Kova Patisserie and this was a complimentary meal

Signature Bubble Milk Tea

Signature Bubble Milk Tea at Kova Patisserie South Kensington

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’d see I posted about Kova’s Chinatown branch launching a bubble tea menu. And the South Kensington branch will be serving an even bigger bubble tea menu!

This time I decided to opt for their Signature Bubble Milk Tea. I find the tea blend resembling much of a Hong Kong-style Ceylon milk tea, and perhaps with a mild touch of Malaysian Teh Tarik as well. It’s certainly an interesting combo though not my favourite for boba. I feel there’s certainly room for improvement for the tapioca pearls. They could a bit more al dente and carry more dark sugar syrup flavour.

P.S. last time during their Chinatown launch, I enjoyed the Dirty Matcha Boba – worth giving that a try!

Jasmine Cheezo Tea

Cheezo Jasmine Tea at Kova Patisserie South Kensington

Having had a trip back from Hong Kong recently, I’ve grown really fond of Cheese Teas. Seeing it available on the menu, I decided to give it a try too and went for the Jasmine Tea one.

I must say I was quite pleasantly surprised how nice this was! The Jasmine tea base was incredibly fragrant and refreshing. As for the cream cheese mousse on top, it’s quite rich to taste. Personally, I found it just at the verge of being too rich – but that’s more of a personal preference. If you haven’t tried Cheese Tea before, this one’s a fairly decent one to try out as a first.

Matcha Mille Crepe

Matcha Mille Crepe Cake at Kova Patisserie South Kensington

Now back to what Kova’s originally well-known for – their cakes. First up was their Matcha Mille Crepe, which was such a classic to their brand.

The cake was light, creamy, and well-layered. For some reason it didn’t seem as moist as I remembered, but all in all a good one.

Souffle Cheesecake

Kova's Souffle Cheese Cake

We then also had the Souffle Cheesecake, which I have mixed views on it. I’d tried their Lava Cheesecake one from the Soho branch before, which I absolutely adored. However, this one didn’t strike me as much and I definitely preferred the Lava one over this one.

The cheesecake was nice but it wasn’t light and airy as expected for a Souffle-style one. It was actually quite dense as well especially for such a massive slice. It’s alright if I judge it as a regular cheesecake but I ought to say I was slightly disappointed if I were to judge it as a Souffle Cheesecake.

In summary…

…you can’t go wrong with a little Kova treat and it’s nice to have another branch to visit instead of always squeezing through the crowds at Soho. Moreover, the South Kensington branch has much better seating and pretty cute decor – ideal for an afternoon pick-me-up and chill!

  • Food
  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Value

Tel: 020 7584 7273
Website: http://www.kovapatisserie.com/
Instagram: @kovapatisserie

Nearest station: South Kensington

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Kova Patisserie South Kensington Review

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