Safe to say, 2020 has had quite an impact on everyone’s life. To many, it’s been life-changing, both positively and negatively, in many aspects such as career, family, friendship, etc. For Chef Lorenzo Maderas, in a blink of a year, things have changed from being a chef at Sushi Samba to now the founder of Lorenzo Kusina. It’s a big change, but it’s one I’m sure he’s glad that he took the leap.

Lorenzo Kusina: Filipino flavours for everyone

Lorenzo Kusina is founded with the vision of introducing Filipino flavours onto a wider scale. It’s a family affair, making the leap from being furloughed to bringing a life-long dream alive. Despite the challenging time, Lorenzo Kusina has grown to be a popular takeaway spot in west London. You can read more about his story here – I promise you it’s an enjoyable one.

Personally, I never had much experience with Filipino food. My father didn’t have the best time enjoying it during his business trip to Manila many many moons ago and, as a result, it’s not particularly a cuisine I was exposed to much. But better late than never, I’m thoroughly surprised by how much I enjoyed the offerings from Lorenzo Kusina! It was no doubt a great introduction to the cuisine, with plenty of flavours that are somewhat familiar yet unique with its own character.

The Food: What We Ordered

Lorenzo Kusina is available for click-and-collect in Park Royal/North Acton, and for delivery via Deliveroo and UberEats. All meats served are halal.

Pusit (£6.45)

Pusit calamari from Lorenzo Kusina

Pusit is essentially calamari, served with a side of sriracha mayo. They were an absolute delight to munch on – perfectly seasoned with a really palatable touch of spices and seasonings to tease the taste buds. The very subtle tingle of spice makes it quite an addictive treat and that perfect starter to open up the palate.

Braised Beef Ribs (£12.95 – drinks included)

Braised Beef Ribs from Lorenzo Kusina

The Braised Beef Shortribs were a spectacular treat to the palate. Braised for 8 hours, the meat was beautifully soft and tender with a lovely crust on the outside. It makes the utmost perfect pairing with the garlic rice, which was addictively flavoursome. The honey glaze added a mild touch of sweetness and was the most irresistible part which I just couldn’t seem to have enough of!

Ube Waffle (£6.95)

Ube Waffles from Lorenzo Kusina

Last but not least, we had the ube waffles for dessert. These thick fluffy ube waffles were a decadent treat. To make it even better, they are topped with crumbled oreos and biscoff which were great for adding texture to it. The ube flavour was subtle but delectable with a mellow fragrance seeping through. It’s on the sweeter end as a whole so it’s one for those with a sweet tooth!

Restaurant Review Summary

I’ll highly recommend checking out Lorenzo Kusina, especially if you’re based in west London! The quality of food is exceptional and it had been an easy and seamless introduction to Filipino cuisine. Other popular dishes include the Longanissa Burger, jumbo wings, corn ribs, and more. Additionally, you can also check out Bao Kusina, a sister restaurant trading as a street food stall at Acklam Village on the weekends.

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Halal Status

Everything is halal at Lorenzo Kusina

Tel: 07495 041505
Instagram: @lorenzokusina

Nearest station: Park Royal

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