Following their successes in Victoria and Fulham, Market Hall has decided to open their largest location yet in late 2019. So let me introduce you to Market Hall West End, the flagship venue for Market Hall and the largest food hall in the UK to date! It is located near Bond Street & Oxford Circus (next to John Lewis), making it the perfect food stop when shopping in the area. Compared to the other Market Hall locations, Market Hall West End is more spacious and more comfortable to hang out in. Additionally, there is also a rooftop bar/terrace, which would be lovely for the summer months.

Where to find Halal Food at Market Hall West End

Since their opening, there have been some changes in vendors. We will try our best to keep this list up to date as regularly as possible. As per all other posts on this blog, please always double-check the halal status with the restaurant as suppliers could change.

Gopal’s Corner by Roti King

Market Hall West End Gopal's Corner

Starting out in Euston, Roti King has somewhat become quite a legendary eatery in London. You can find Gopal’s Corner by Roti King in Market Hall West End as well as the Victoria and Canary Wharf locations. Famous for their Malaysian roti canai, we had pretty high expectations. However, after two experiences, we had been left feeling utterly disappointed both times. We are fully aware that many people have a positive experience there and praise them highly as London’s best Malaysian eatery. Unfortunately, simply providing our honest thoughts, we have yet to see how. Anyway, all meats served are halal at Gopal’s Corner Market Hall West End and perhaps it’s one for you to try for yourself.

P.S. if you are looking for some really good Malaysian roti (or Malaysian food in general), we would highly recommend you to check out Normah’s!

Halal status: All meats served are halal.

Instagram: gopalscorner

Chick Chick Crew

Chick Chick Crew is all about buttermilk brined fried chicken whether in the form of burgers, wings, or strips. There are plenty of sauces to choose from, including BBQ, Korean, Buffalo, etc. Using chicken thighs for their burgers, the chicken was exceptionally succulent and tender. However, the downfall for us is that the brioche burger buns were served cold and dense in texture. We also tried the chicken strips which were okay but a tad bit dry. In terms of sauces, we preferred the BBQ chicken over their buffalo chicken. But overall, it felt a little bit of a hit-and-miss.

Halal status: Chicken is halal.

Instagram: chickchickcrew

Le Bab

Consider this a place for a bougie kebab. Le Bab prides itself on “deploying top Michelin credentials” and offers a modern innovative take on kebabs. Classic shish kebabs aside, they also do salads and some unique fusion mezze such as Turkish Korean Fried Chicken, Hummus with Peanut Curry Pesto, etc. It’s not going to be your usual kebab and Levantine flavours, but possibly one worth giving a try.

Halal status: Chicken is halal.

Instagram: eatlebab


Market Hall West End Hotbox

You can’t miss the alluring smell of barbecue when you walk past Hotbox’s stall. However, do note that they don’t always have halal options available. They used to serve halal beef and chicken when first opening in Market Hall West End in 2019. Suppliers have now changed and their halal status is completely dependent on their daily delivery. Please speak with the team on the day to find out if there are any halal options on offer.

I had the pleasure of trying them out back in 2019. Their Bandit Burger was really good except for the odd pickled cucumber. My favourite then was definitely the brisket-loaded fries, which oozed smoky umami flavours and got this tenderly melt-in-your-mouth sensation. During our last visit to Market Hall (May 2022), there weren’t any halal options on the day but do ask and see whether it’s your lucky day or not!

Halal status: Dependent on daily delivery – please ask the staff on the day

Instagram: hotboxldn

Other Vegetarian-friendly Options

Pasta Evangelists

You may mostly know Pasta Evangelists as a home delivery pasta meal kit subscription service. But they are more than that now as they have an actual eatery location at Market Hall West End. Whilst the meats are not halal, you can still enjoy a range of vegetarian-friendly sauces such as wild mushroom, sun-dried tomato pesto, and datterini tomato, as well as al forno or chef’s special dishes like Truffle Mac & Cheese, Truffle & Burrata / Lemon & Mozzarella Triangoli, Lobster & Crab Tortelloni, and Wild Mushroom Ravioli.


Baoziinn specialises in Northern Chinese cuisine and is popular for its dumplings and dim sums. Unfortunately, the meats aren’t halal but you can still enjoy various vegetarian dumplings or some signature spicy prawn dumplings. In addition to dumplings, they also serve vegetarian dan dan noodles and an aubergine rice dish.

Inamo Sukoshi

Inamo Sukoshi means “little Inamo”, i.e. it’s a “little” version of Inamo restaurant. They are known for sushi & fusion street food and have plenty of options to choose from on the menu. Their signature dragon roll are available here at Market Hall West End, and you can feast on other sushi, nigiri, and maki roll options. Additionally, there is an Asian Tapas section where you can enjoy the likes of Octopus Takoyaki, Bang Bang Cauliflower, etc.

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