London Pasta DIY Meal Kits

With the whole restaurant industry being disrupted, the new trend for restaurants right now is takeaways and delivering DIY meal kits. Personally, I think DIY meal kits are an absolutely genius idea. London has continued to surprise me, with kebab kits, burger kits, fresh pasta recipe boxes, etc. now widely available (or even frozen deliveries to reheat at home – check out my post about Old Chang Kee). So here is a list of my top picks for London gourmet pasta DIY meal kits to try out at home. Some of them are offering nationwide delivery as well!

The Best Pasta DIY Meal Kits in London

*None of them offer halal meats but they all have a range of vegetarian options that are suitable for halal diets

Pasta Evangelists

Pasta Evangelists DIY meal kits

I believe Pasta Evangelists are one of the very first pasta recipe boxes operating in London, way before it became fashionable. I have long supported Pasta Evangelists and have even attended a pasta-making masterclass with them a few years ago, which was super fun.

They offer a wide range of options on their menu each week and are all very reasonably priced. You can find pasta of all shapes and flavours on their website and is seriously a pasta lover’s dreamland. To make things more convenient for regular customers, you can pick out weekly orders on their website as well and simply sit back and wait for them to be delivered.

Delivery: Nationwide

Order on their website:

Nonna Tonda

Taglierini with Porcini Mushroom from Nonna Tonda
Taglierini with Porcini Mushroom | Photo credits to Nonna Tonda

Run by a husband-and-wife duo, Nonna Tonda offers a pasta recipe box subscription service where each week you get delivered a different pasta dish. There are only two flavours available each week – one vegetarian-friendly, one non-vegetarian. Flavours change weekly so make sure you keep an eye on what’s on the menu on their website. You can choose your serving sizes to feed two, four or six people.

Nonna Tonda offers top-notch quality pasta dishes, using only the finest ingredients to compile your DIY box. We have tried the Taglierini with Porcini Mushroom and were genuinely impressed.

Delivery: London and Brighton only

Order on their website:

Lina Stores

Lina Stores Pasta DIY Meal Kits
Photo credits to Lina Stores

Lina Stores have been winning hearts and bellies around London, and are continuing to do so at your home. You can now enjoy the deliciousness from the iconic pasta deli in the comforts of your own home with their fresh pasta meal kits. A wide variety of fresh pasta options are available, or their dry pasta meal kit options can feed 8-10 portions. Sauces can also be frozen for up to 3 months so it’s great for stocking up as well!

Delivery: Nationwide

Order on their website:

Bocca di Lupo

Photo credits to Plateaway / Bocca di Lupo

Bocca di Lupo is a popular little Italian restaurant in the heart of Soho London. They are known to serve some of the best and most authentic Italian cuisines, featuring varying dishes from twenty regions across Italy. To be fair, the DIY pasta meal kit options are rather limited as only the Spaghetti Napoli is suitable for a halal diet. However, if you check out their Bocca di Lupo at Home website, they also offer some tempting seafood grill options such as native lobster, grilled octopus, and baked scallops!

Delivery: Nationwide

Order on their website:
or order on Plateaway:

Bancone – *no longer available*

Bucatini Cacio E Pepe Pasta by Bancone
Bucatini Cacio E Pepe | Photo credits to Bancone

Gaining so much popularity for both its Soho and Covent Garden restaurants, Bancone is currently offering DIY meal kits so you can enjoy their rich & silky Cacio E Pepe in the comforts of your own home. They are delivering these DIY meal kits via Plateaway within the M25.

*Bancone is no longer offering DIY meal kits*

Sasha Pasta

Sasha Pasta DIY Meal Kits
Photo credits to Sasha Pasta

Sasha Pasta aims to bring pasta fine dining into the comforts of your home and boasts to offer punchier flavours than your typical run of the mill restaurant. They use only the finest ingredients and organic produce through local small businesses to produce their meal kits. There are no additives or preservatives in Sasha Pasta’s recipes and everything is 100% natural.

Free postage on orders over £30.

Delivery: Nationwide

Order on their website:

The Little Pasta Company

The Little Pasta Company DIY Meal Kits
Photo credits to The Little Pasta Company

Here’s to another husband-and-wife team, based in Woking, who has jumped onto the pasta delivery bandwagon. The company is founded out of their love for Italian cuisine and translating their passion for food into these DIY pasta meal kits. From simple tomato & basil pasta to white truffle butter, there are a couple of really good flavour options for you to choose from. Additionally, if this is your first time ordering, you can receive 10% off with the code “WELCOME10” at checkout!

Delivery: Nationwide

Order on their website:
or order on Plateaway:

La Tua Pasta

La Tua Pasta DIY Meal Kits
Photo credits to La Tua Pasta

Starting out as a small family business, with a humble stall in Borough Market, La Tua Pasta has been one of the key suppliers of handmade fresh pasta all around London’s restaurants and hotels. They are currently doing a range of Supper Boxes, which are basically DIY meal kits that are available to be delivered nationwide. In addition to regular DIY meal kits, they also do Provisional Boxes which feed 6/12/36 meals! Free shipping for orders over £30.

Delivery: Nationwide

Order on their website:

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