Over Under Coffee has been making its name as one of the top coffee houses in London. Apart from speciality coffee, it is known to transform from being a relaxed daytime coffee spot into a buzzing cocktail bar by night. It has several branches across West London, with its newest addition at Ladbroke Grove, which prompted me to visit!

They are situated right outside of Ladbroke Grove station, perfect for commuters to pop in to make a quick coffee stop instead of settling for typical high street chains.

Image of a coffee bar at Over Under Ladbroke Grove

Visiting on a Saturday morning, around 10-ish, both outdoors tables were already occupied but it was still relatively quiet inside. It’s not a huge space but the simple and laid-back interior made it feel fairly spacious. The shop features a pink and teal colour scheme, oozing of a cosy yet urban vibe, with marble tabletops dotted across the floor. Walking in, I was immediately greeted with a very cheerful vibe and friendly staffs.

Latte (£2.90)

Image of a cup of latte at Over Under Ladbroke Grove

Rich and ultra-smooth to taste, the coffee at Over Under certainly did not disappoint.

Their coffee is roasted in collaboration with the award-winning Assembly from Brixton. Whilst I’m not a coffee-tasting expert, the fragrant notes and hints of natural sweetness it managed to deliver could only mean this was some of the best coffees London’s got to offer.

It has lived up to every single hype and deserves the top spot for best coffees without a doubt.

Truffle Wild Mushrooms (£7.50 + £1.5 for poached egg)

Image of a plate of truffle mushroom toast topped with a runny poached egg at Over Under Ladbroke Grove

Wild mushrooms, garlic, parsley, toasted sourdough, truffle oil, and an extra poached egg.

In terms of the food, I personally felt it was slightly underwhelming. It could definitely use stronger seasoning in it as it lacked a good kick at the moment. The flavour combo described on the menu has so much potential so it was a bit of a shame. Whilst it’s not bad at all, I was certainly expecting more from them.

But on a more positive note, how perfect is that poached egg with its runny yolk gushing out?!

P.S. if you scroll around Instagram, the most-hyped dish seemed to be the pancakes – so might be worth checking out!

In summary…

…there is no doubt that Over Under Coffee serves some top-notch coffee, if not one of the best ones, in the capital.

Food-wise, I’m unfortunately not particularly convinced, but the coffee is most definitely a yes. With its convenient location right next to the tube station, you have literally no excuses in not stopping by for a good cup of coffee whenever you’re in the area!

  • Food
  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Value

Halal Status

Over Under Coffee does not offer halal meats. Vegetarian options are available on the menu.

Tel: 020 3807 8019
Website: https://overundercoffee.com/
Instagram: @overunderco

Nearest station: Ladbroke Grove

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