Where to find the Best Coffee Shops in Notting Hill London

Oh, the charms of Notting Hill. I absolutely adore the area. Maybe it’s the colourful houses and its close proximity to the beautiful Kensington Gardens, or maybe it’s the charms of its vintage markets and the renowned Portobello market on the weekends. But there’s this vibrancy in the area that makes it such a huge draw for not just tourists but locals as well. With plenty of quality coffee shops opening up, I could just hang out there all day (albeit likely to be over-buzzing with caffeine)! Whether you’re looking for a quick grab-and-go coffee, or for a lovely sit down and relax cafe experience, Notting Hill has it all and they’ve got some stellar coffee options to offer. Here is a guide to where to find the best coffee shops in Notting Hill:

Nottinghill Coffee Project

Not particularly one to sit down and spend the day away but Nottinghill Coffee Project definitely serves one of the best coffees in west London. Their coffee is from one of London’s leading speciality coffee roasters, Assembly Coffee – and that should give you all the reassurance of how good the coffee is. Robust and a full-bodied flavour with a nutty undertone, their coffees certainly hit the spot for all coffee lovers.

In addition, for every hot drink sold, 25p will be donated to Centre Point, UK’s leading youth homelessness charity.

Tab x Tab

Photo credits to Tab x Tab

Quality coffee, handmade ceramics, and a lovely brunch menu – no wonder Tab x Tab is such a popular hit in the area! The independent coffee shop, operated by a husband and wife duo, offers premium brunch and speciality coffee around Nottinghill. Its interior features high ceilings with dark wood decor, oozing a laidback yet sophisticated atmosphere. From the ultra-rich texture of the coffee to the umami edge to their scrambled eggs, “quality” is the word if you ask me about Tab x Tab.

Kuro Coffee

Kuro Coffee is one of the newer additions in the area and it’s already gaining quite a bit of popularity. Maybe it’s the pet-friendliness, or the Japanese minimalistic style with a subtle rustic touch. Or simply just because they make a good cup of coffee with some of the best ingredients around town!

They definitely don’t skimp on anything, using high-quality milk sourced from The Estate Dairy, and they also source their teas from the speciality tea brand, Tea Repertoire.

Guillam Coffee House

After the success of their first branch in Kensington near Gloucester Road, Guillam Coffee House has opened their second branch near Nottinghill / Bayswater. Continuing their concept of “neighbourhood living room”, their second branch showcases a great relaxing atmosphere and globally sourced top-quality coffees. The delectable coffee notes are set to take you on a little flavour journey on the palate!

Over Under

Widely recognised as one of the top coffee houses in London, Over Under has recently expanded another branch across west London, and this time near Ladbroke Grove. They are another coffee shop that serves the award-winning Assembly coffee. Expect ultra-smooth coffee, with fragrant notes and hints of natural sweetness that gives you the perfect caffeine buzz! If you fancy breakfast, they have a lovely selection of dishes on the menu for you to choose from as well.

Layla Bakery

A stone throw’s away from Portobello Market is this new neighbourhood bakery that also serves some great coffees by Assembly coffee. Layla Bakery is probably more well-known for its pastries, and very rightfully so. Their exquisite pastries, featuring seasonal flavours, are an absolutely catch and even better when paired with a delicious cup of coffee. It’s definitely one neighbourhood gem around Nottinghill / Ladbroke Grove.

Farm Girl

Photo credits to Farm Girl

Tucked away near Portobello Market is the well-hyped healthy Australian brunch spot, Farm Girl. Food aside, Farm Girl got its main attention from its colourful selection of coffees. The Rose Latte, prettily topped with rose petals, has been known as their speciality. Or the Butterfly Latte that showcases a gorgeous shade of blue makes a great hit too.

Instagram: farmgirlcafe

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