Covent Garden Seven Dials Market Halal Food Guide

Boasting a large covered indoor food hall filled with a progressive line-up of independent food businesses, Seven Dials Market is no doubt the new hot spot for foodies in central London. Managed and curated by KERB, you can expect some stellar food stalls that best represent London’s diverse and vibrant food scene. And of course, you can find a handful of excellent halal food options there at Seven Dials Market! In this article, we have put together a list of halal-friendly food vendors at the market and we will be updating this list regularly.

Where to find Halal Food at Seven Dials Market

Looking for more halal food options in the area? Check these out too:

OshPaz Uzbek Dumplings

A plate of Uzbek beef dumplings from OshPaz at Seven Dials Market

Uzbek cuisine may be uncommon to many but it’s certainly an underrated cuisine that deserves the spotlight. OshPaz is one of the new joiners to the Cucumber Alley of Seven Dials Market, bringing a taste of Uzbekistan and the Silk Road to London. In our opinion, OshPaz is currently the best halal food option at Seven Dials Market! They usually serve Uzbeki Plov (rice pilau) at other markets but, here, they have a dumpling-focused menu instead. We have tried their steamed beef dumplings and they were impressively delicious! Tip: have them with a drizzle of chilli oil and the flavours are going to really pop!

Halal status: All meats served are halal

Instagram: oshpaz_london

Curry on Naan Stop

Curry on Naanstop specialises in Mumbai street food. You can find them in both the Cucumber Alley and the main Banana Warehouse market hall. The Cucumber Alley stall is the Naanstop Express, serving the likes of pan puri, bhel puri, Mumbai sandwiches, etc. Whereas Curry on Naanstop at the main hall has more options such as Naanwraps, Samosas, Vada Pao, Dosa, etc. as well as the signature Chicken 65.

Halal status: All meats served are halal

Instagram: curryonnaanstop

El Polotte

A tray of fried wings from El Polotte at Seven Dials Market

El Polotte specialises in Latino-inspired fried chicken. Find them at the main food hall at Seven Dials Market and feast yourself with unique fiery flavours such as guava and buffanero (i.e buffalo + habanero) – either in the form of glazed fried wings, fried chicken burgers, or Latino arepas. To complete the meal, don’t forget to pair them with a side of yuca fries as well!

Halal status: Chicken is halal

Instagram: elpolloteldn

Boolay Crepes

A crepe corn filled with creme brulee at Boolay Crepes at Seven Dials Market Cucumber Alley

Remember Yolkin’s iconic macaroon ice cream sandwiches in Chinatown? Unfortunately, the shop’s no longer there but Sammie has wasted no time and started a new venture named Boolay Crepes. Essentially, it’s a crepe shaped into a cone, filled with homemade creme brulee custard, then sprinkled with sugar and torched till crispy and caramelised. You may need to be a little bit patient as each crepe is made fresh to order, but it will be a worthwhile treat.

Location: Cucumber Alley

Instagram: boolaycrepes


A Belgian waffle topped with coffee cream, speculoos sauce, and crumbled speculoos biscuits from Deekenek at Seven Dials Market

If you’re looking for some proper Belgian waffles, then you must pay Deekenek a visit! Deekenek prides itself on serving the best handcrafted Belgian waffles in London, using the finest ingredients only and various toppings options. We tried their Speculoos Waffles, which come generously topped with single-origin coffee cream, speculoos crumbs and speculoos sauce. The quality of the waffle certainly speaks for itself and is a delightful treat to enjoy.

Instagram: deekenek

Long Boys

You’ve had round doughnuts and ring doughnuts, what about long doughnuts? Long Boys serves long-shaped doughnuts, each generously stuffed with decadent fillings and they are utterly delicious! A wide variety of flavours are available daily, such as the likes of Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, Raspberry Rose Lychee, Lemon Meringue Pie, etc., and seasonal specials. Additionally, they are also serving ice cream sundaes over the summer which you would want to get your hands on them ASAP!

Wheelcake Island

Photo credits to Wheelcake Island

If you like anything custard-filled, you must check out Wheelcake Island’s famous Taiwanese wheel cakes. Freshly made and generously stuffed with flavoured custard, these wheel cakes always go down a treat. At their Seven Dials Market location (at Cucumber Alley), available options include Vanilla Custard, Azuki Beans, Matcha Custard, Chocolate & Vanilla Custard, and a changing seasonal flavour. They have also added a drinks menu solely for this branch, serving the likes of brown sugar bubble tea, Taiwanese milk teas and fruit teas, and Japanese Tea Lattes.

Softserve Society

A Soft Serve Ice Cream Sundae from Soft Serve Society

You may already be familiar with them from Shoreditch Boxpark and Victoria Market Hall, well, here is another location for you to satisfy any of your ice cream cravings from Soft Serve Society! You can find Soft Serve Society in the Cucumber Alley of Seven Dials Market. Aside from their usual soft-serve ice cream and soft-serve sundaes, you can now also enjoy a range of boba drinks from them.

Chai Guys

Chai Guys have been known to serve some of the best chai in London. Whether hot or iced, their chai is always a lovely pick-me-up. The Kadak Chai has always been a popular pick from both their Spitalfields & Victoria locations, whereas the iced Kashmiri chai makes a great summer drink. In addition to chai, the Seven Dials Market branch also offers pastries and cookies.

Instagram: chaiguys

Truffle Burger*

Everything on Truffle Burger’s menu features truffles in one way or another. Both beef and chicken are halal across all branches, and you can ask to omit bacon from any of the burgers. However, the Seven Dials Market branch usually only has one grill and there is a risk of cross-contamination. Please double-check with the staff to confirm halal status and chances of cross-contamination.

Worry not if you aren’t able to enjoy Truffle Burgers at Seven Dials Market on this occasion. Simply take a short 5-minute walk from the market and visit Truffle’s Soho restaurant instead where they certainly have separate grills set up to cater for halal diets.

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