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Sunday In Brooklyn has been a big hit in New York and is one of the latest NYC sensations to step foot into the London market. They are located in Westbourne Grove, a short 10-minute walk away from Notting Hill, and have brought their highly celebrated brunch menu across the pond. London is the first international branch for the New York Williamsburg favourite and has been quite the talk of the town.

Brunch at Sunday In Brooklyn

Visiting on a Sunday at noontime, it’s unsurprising to find the restaurant absolutely packed. Bookings are not available for brunch but for dinners only. For walk-ins, you can leave your name on the waitlist and they will give you a call when a table becomes available. Our estimated waiting time was for an hour but luckily we only had to wait about 20 mins.

We were given a seat at the bar – not the most comfortable but not complaining either given how busy it was at the restaurant. From exterior to interior, it fits right in with the Notting Hill area and aesthetics. Floor to ceiling windows allowed an abundance of natural light to bathe into the restaurant, injecting a lively vibrancy to the space. As mentioned, it was absolutely buzzing and busy in there. The music was a bit loud though where we needed to raise our voices just to have a conversation – not ideal in our opinion.

The Food: What We Ordered

Sunday Pancakes (single £9 / double £14 / triple £18)

The Sunday Pancakes at Sunday In Brooklyn

What started the hype for Sunday In Brooklyn? These pancakes. We were both going to get a double stack each but the staff warned us about the gigantic size of the pancakes and recommended we share instead. So we decided to go with a triple stack to share between the two of us. Even then, it’s still a lot of pancakes and perhaps having a single each would have been the better decision!

Anyway, the pancakes were humongous and super thick in height. Expecting a fluffy cake-like texture, unfortunately, parts of the pancake felt dense and dry to taste. When ordering in double/triple, the top layer gets the brown butter and hazelnut maple praline but all the layers below were just plain. Even the extra sauce on the side didn’t help. The sauce was really thick and rich in texture, but the flavours were slightly lacking. The dish, overall, was too filling which we both didn’t find as enjoyable as how social media’s been making it out to be.

Latte (£4)

A cup of latte

After an underwhelming experience with the pancakes, thankfully, the coffee was not bad. The coffee was generally smooth to taste, featuring a full-bodied flavour and a decent hit. I do like the cup & saucer which I think is quite cute!

Restaurant Review Summary

Cutting straight to the chase, we feel that Sunday In Brooklyn in London has been overhyped and wouldn’t recommend getting out of your way to try it. While everyone’s raving about the pancakes being the best thing on the menu, we find it mediocre at best. We haven’t been hearing plenty of praises for their other dishes on the menu either which I think is a real shame. Perhaps in New York, they’re a real deal. But for London, unfortunately, it’s a pass for us.

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  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Value for Money

Halal Status

Sunday In Brooklyn does not serve halal meats. Vegetarian options are available.

Tel: 020 7630 1060
Instagram: sundayinbrooklyn_ldn

Nearest station: Notting Hill / Bayswater

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