Vietnam: Thien Ly Da Nang Style (Halal)

It definitely hasn’t been the easiest to find halal restaurants in Vietnam. Whilst I’m very happy to settle with vegetarian and seafood options (they’re still incredibly delicious!), I must say I was ecstatic to have found Thien Ly Da Nang Style, a halal Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of the Da Nang city.

The restaurant is tucked away at a quiet street. It is literally the first place we hit up once we arrived at Da Nang and dropped off our luggage at the hotel.

The set up of the restaurant is kind of cute. It’s a family-run garden-style restaurant serving up southern Vietnamese cuisine. Not only is it halal, but its menu also caters to vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, Kosher, and are knowledgeable in catering to various dietary requirements.

Here is what we ordered:

Fried Beef Spring Rolls (VND 80,000)

Thien Ly Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls

Though I’m Cantonese where spring rolls are a dim sum staple, I’ve got to say I enjoy Vietnamese spring rolls the most!

These fried spring rolls were an absolute delight. They are really generous with the meat filling and each bite was oozing of meaty flavours. As such, these spring rolls are actually more filling than expected. We’re not complaining though!

Banh Xeo (VND 90,000)

Thian Ly Da Nang Banh Xeo

Here comes a pancake that’s bigger than our heads!

The pancake comes in 12 inches big and you get to choose from different stuffing options. We went for the prawn one, but there’s also beef, mushroom, or a mix of all three! It is also served alongside a basket of lettuce, assorted herbs, and rice papers.

You simply grab a piece of the rice paper, top it with lettuce and any other herb you like, then wrap it around the pancake and dip it into the Nuoc Cham sauce to taste.

The pancake was beautifully crispy on the outside, enveloping generous amount of prawns inside.

Salad Summer Roll (VND 35,000)

Thien Ly Vietnamese Summer Roll

The summer rolls are as refreshing as you can imagine. Wrapped in rice paper, packed with vegetables and vermicelli, these summer rolls are the perfect bite during the hot summer days.

Beef Pho (VND 70,000)

Thien Ly Da Nang Beef Pho

I’ve been anticipating a taste of real beef pho since the very second I got my flight ticket to Vietnam. And thanks to Thien Ly Da Nang Style, I finally managed to taste an actual beef pho. As much as I have enjoyed all the seafood and vegetarian options on this trip, you just can’t beat a proper beef pho!

A good pho is all about the broth, and this had been spot on. It’s got a nice depth of flavours and carries a savoury and earthy touch. The flavours really opens up the palate and send a satisfying warming sensation down the stomach.

In summary…

…I absolutely loved Thien Ly Da Nang Style. If we were staying longer in Da Nang, you bet I’ll be visiting this restaurant again and again! Not only was the food great, but they also have the friendliest staff. It’s such a pleasant meal and I’m so glad to have discovered this halal restaurant and be able to feast out. Vietnam might not have a huge amount of halal options, but the one around town, Thien Ly, definitely makes up for it all!

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Halal Status

Fully halal

Tel: +84 236 3689 005

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Thien Ly Da Nang Style restaurant review

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