Hong Kong Halal Food: Ma’s Restaurant

Hey everyone, I’m back in Hong Kong for a couple of weeks! It’s slightly inconvenient with all the protests going on, but that doesn’t stop me from continuing my Hong Kong Halal Food Series. I normally always visit Islam Food but this time I decided to try out a different well-known halal spot – Ma’s Restaurant.

Compared to Islam Food, Ma’s Restaurant is more conveniently located near the Prince Edward Station. It specialises in Xinjiang cuisine and shares quite a similar menu to Islam Food. But Ma’s Restaurant has a more extensive menu and also offers a range of classic Cantonese dishes.

Lamb Roll (HKD $52)

Lamb Rolls at Ma's Restaurant Hong Kong

These delicious lamb rolls were one of Ma’s Restaurant’s signatures. It’s basically like a roti wrap, filled with tender and well-marinated lamb and lots of scallions. The lamb carries a slight sweetness – almost like a hoisin sauce type of flavour. Personally, I find the raw scallions too punchy so I ended up picking them out. But all in all, these were quite a delightful little pick-me-up!

Lamb Dumplings (6pcs) (HKD $32)

Lamb Dumplings at Ma's Restaurant Hong Kong

These dumplings may not be the most photogenic dish but its flavours speaks more than its looks. The meat filling was very juicy. It was almost bursting with juice at every bite.

They remind me of those from London’s Etles Restaurant. Etles do some amazing lamb dumplings too and if you ask me, I think Etles might make even better ones!

Veal Goulash (2pcs) (HKD $42)

Veal Goulash Patties at Ma's Restaurant Hong Kong

This is basically the same thing as the Beef Patty Pastry at Islam Food. Who does it better though? I’ve got to say the one at Islam Food was better. This one has got good flavours too but I feel not as juicy. Those at Islam Food practically is like a soup filling and was bursting with juice. This one was juicy too but not to that extent.

In summary…

Ma’s Restaurant is definitely one worth visiting when in Hong Kong. It’s a really good alternative (and more convenient) to Islam Food if you’re looking for halal eateries in Hong Kong. Though I do personally Islam Food just a teeny bit more!

  • Food
  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Value

Halal Status

Fully Halal

Tel: +852 2787 6108

Nearest station: Prince Edward (exit E)

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Ma's Restaurant Hong Kong Restaurant Review
Ma's Restaurant Hong Kong Restaurant Review

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