If you’re looking for a solid halal food spot in West End London, Wingmans Soho is definitely a great spot. There is a good range of halal options available on the menu, featuring a firecracker selection of wings flavours and chicken burgers to choose from. We have visited Wingmans Soho a few times now and it’s definitely one of our go-to halal food spots in Soho. Booking is recommended as it gets pretty busy every day.

It’s just a chicken wings restaurant, you may think. But they are more than that and stand out from the rest of the crowd by offering a unique fusion of flavours. Think of flavour influences from Chinese, Thai, Szechuan, Korean, and Jamaican spices – their wings are truly special and an experience to the palate. To add more fun to your dining experience, each table has its own little bucket for discarding the bones and you’re given a pair of gloves to get all messy, allowing you to enjoy these wings the best way!

Wingmans Soho: Wings & Things

Going from UK & EU award-winning street food to setting up two restaurants across town, Wingmans has been sweeping the London market with its lip-smacking gourmet chicken wings. They started out as a pop-up and had been doing residencies until they finally opened up their first restaurant in Kilburn, and then later with the addition of a bigger branch in Soho. Additionally, they have also published a cookbook “Wings & Things”, featuring some of their proudest flavours and recipes. It’s definitely a great gift idea for a foodie and you can recreate your favourite wings flavour at home whenever you fancy!

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Our first visit to Wingmans Soho was for a Sunday lunch where we were seated in the upstairs area. It was buzzing and very lively then. Our visits after had been seated in the downstairs area which, admittedly, we’re not the biggest fan of. This is because the music gets rather loud downstairs. Despite a good playlist, we don’t exactly want to be shouting across the table just to have a conversation – you get what I mean?

The Food: What We Ordered

Halal items are clearly marked on the menu, same with gluten-free and vegetarian options. Alcohol and pork are served at the restaurant.

Signature Wings – Bang Coq (£8.50)

First things first, let’s start with their staple – the signature wings! As mentioned, their wings come in a selection of fusion flavours and we have chosen the Bang Coq wings. It has got a Thai infusion of Sriracha, honey & lime, and is topped with Kewpie mayo, toasted sesame, pickled cucumber and crispy onions. Each portion comes with eight of their freshly dipped buttermilk wings, served nicely over a plate with all the sauce and dressings.

The flavours really hit the spot for me. It’s not too spicy but still got a nice kick to it. It was tinged with a hint of sweetness and tangy flavour that danced around the palate nicely. Kewpie mayo is the ‘king of mayonnaise’ and it most definitely helped to lift the flavours here. The chicken got this beautiful crispy coating as well and carried a lovely robust flavour to taste.

Seoul Sista (£10.50)

Seoul Sista Burger at Wingmans Chicken

We also tried out their chicken burger and went for the Korean-influenced Seoul Sista burger. It’s got a humongous piece of crispy fried thigh, drenched with Korean hot sauce and topped with charred pineapple, ponzu cucumbers, roasted sesame dressing and sesame brioche bun. The chicken was well-marinated and succulent, and that piquant and moreish Korean hot sauce was an impeccable complement to it. It’s got a good tingle of spice, paired with a delicate tangy touch from the toppings. An absolutely superb flavouring combination and we loved it.

Truffle Parmesan Fries (£5.5)

Truffle Parmesan Fries at Wingmans Chicken

After being let down by many other truffle fries offerings at various restaurants, these fries were sublime during our first few visits to Wingmans Soho. However, on our last more recent visits, the flavours were missing an edge. Anyhow, these fries were tossed in truffle butter and loaded with a mountain of grated cheese. From those first few visits, these fries had been so incredibly fragrant and aromatic. The truffle flavours were outstanding without being too overwhelming. The fries were beautifully crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. On our last visit though, the truffle flavours were almost non-existent and the fries were desperately needing a shake of salt. We hoped it was just a one-off miss because we absolutely loved it the first few times!

Honey Mustard Slaw (£4)

Slaw at Wingmans

Another side dish we tried was the Honey Mustard Slaw. It’s got a lovely balance of flavours and delicate tangy touch that paired well with all those fried wings & burgers. The slaw got a nice crisp and crunch to it, and just a great munch all in all.

Royal Cookie Crumble (£7)

Last but not least, you definitely don’t want to miss out on desserts when you are visiting Wingmans! This Royal Cookie Crumble has hit the spot so incredibly well and is such a dreamy treat. It is basically a hot freshly baked white & milk chocolate cookie dough, topped with crispy Nutella rice, sea salted caramel ice cream & lotus biscuit crumbs. The hot cookie dough was rich and decadent – very indulgent but not too overly sweet. Those crispy Nutella rice resembled Coco Pops and added a lovely extra layer of texture to the dish. That scoop of ice cream gave the perfect hot-and-cold sensation, with the caramel flavours relatively subtle and not overpowering any of the indulging flavours the dish already has. So good that I just had to include it on my London Soho Desserts Guide even though they’re not exactly a dessert parlour!

Restaurant Reviewn Summary

We’ve been enjoying the food here at Wingmans Soho and it would certainly remain a top pick when it comes to halal food spots in Soho. Their eclectic range of flavours undoubtedly made them stand out in the market and its consistency in delivering high-quality dishes continues to earn them one of the most popular restaurants around Soho. If you are out and about in the area, it’s definitely one worth checking out.

  • Food
  • Value
  • Atmosphere
  • Service

Halal Status

Halal items are clearly marked on the menu.

Alcohol is present at the restaurant.

Tel: 020 7734 7297
Website: https://shop.wingmans.co.uk/
Instagram: wingmanschicken

Nearest station: Piccadilly Circus / Tottenham Court Road

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