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When in doubt about a good restaurant to dine at in Westfield White City, I’d always recommend popping by Copper Chimney. The modern Indian restaurant has become quite a favourite spot in Shepherd’s Bush and is easily the best restaurant you can find near the shopping mall. Good food aside, the restaurant’s charming interiors are also a huge draw, featuring a cosy but still modern & sophisticated atmosphere for a great eating-out experience. There is also a huge window to see through the kitchen where you can spot the inverted Tawa and observe the busy chef in action tossing & cooking Roomali Roti, as well as preparing meat grills etc. The restaurant is located at the Southern Terrace of Westfield, which is just a few steps away from Shepherds Bush Station (both Central Line & Overground stations).

Copper Chimney: Award-winning Flavours of Undivided North India with a Modern Touch

Headlining with “Indian Food, Made Unforgettable”, Copper Chimney boasts original recipes with fire-cracking flavours that have been carried through 3 generations. The Copper Chimney brand was founded in Bombay in 1972 as founder JK Kapur migrated from modern-day Pakistan during the partition. This is reflected in its menu, which takes inspiration & influences across undivided India, featuring vibrant flavours from Peshawar to Delhi.

Is Copper Chimney halal?

Yes, all meats served are halal at Copper Chimney Westfield. Alcohol is served at the restaurant.

The Food at Copper Chimney (What We Ordered)

Date of visit: Multiple visits between 2019 – now

Grilled Chicken Tikka at Copper Chimney

Chicken Tikka (£17.25)

Over the years, Copper Chimney’s chicken tikka remains the best I’ve had in London. Influenced by the city of Amritsar, the chicken was seasoned with finely pounded red chillies, Amchoor (mango powder), and Himalayan black salt. The chicken was unbelievably tender and succulent to taste, with a lovely chargrilled touch and robust flavours. There’s a lovely punch of spice and heat in there as well that made our palates sing. Loved it the first time, and we continue to fall in love with it every time we order it now.

Chutney Fish (£19.95)

Don’t hear it from me but hear it from my meat-loving husband that the Chutney Fish was fantastic! Influenced by Karachi-Sindh flavours, the fish was marinated in green mint and lemon chutney, giving this greenish colour coating. The flavours were piquant & punchy, without taking away the delicate flavours of the fish itself. It also paired incredibly well with the mint chutney on the side which further elevated the flavours and made it so much more enjoyable.

Two pieces of thick chargrilled lamb chops served with mint chutney at Copper Chimney restaurant

Grilled Burrah Chop (£8.95 per piece)

If there’s a must-try dish at Copper Chimney, these lamb chops would be it. Many have even boasted that these are some of the best lamb chops you can get your hands on around town! They were cinnamon-scented and marinated for over 8 hours, then seared and chargrilled to perfection. The meat was really tender and juicy, and the flavours were just lip-smackingly flavourful & moreish to taste.

A bowl of Butter Chicken at Copper Chimney restaurant

Curries: Butter Chicken (£18.95) & Lamb Rogan Josh (£19.95)

Moving onto curries, we usually go for either their butter chicken or lamb rogan josh. Both are regarded as signature curry dishes at Copper Chimney and they certainly do not disappoint. Personally, I enjoyed the rogan josh more as it’s got a lot of flavour depth going on. The butter chicken was decent as well featuring a creamy texture with tender chicken pieces. It was a tad bit sweeter than we normally like and would’ve preferred to see more spices to cut through that gravy. But all in all, it’s still a good one to try and both curries are great picks at the restaurant.

A plate of lamb shank nihari curry topped with julienned ginger at Copper Chimney restaurant

Lamb Shank Nihari (£23.95)

The lamb shank nihari is one of the more recent additions to the menu and it’s definitely a showstopper both visually and in taste. It was incredibly rich and indulgent in flavour throughout, with the lamb slow-cooked to an irresistible tender melt-in-your-mouth texture. The array of spices created lots of flavour dimensions Garnished with julienned ginger, it was the perfect final touch

Parda Lamb Biryani (£19.95) & Chicken Tikka Dum Biryani (£18.95)

I always like a good biryani and we’ve tried out the Parda Lamb Biryani and Chicken Tikka Dum Biryani over the years. The former comes sealed with a pastry on top, which would normally be my preference but the flavours felt short, unfortunately. It was disappointing to find the biryani dry to taste and not living up to expectations. The chicken tikka dum biryani definitely fared a lot better. It doesn’t come with the pastry but the flavours were there.

Garlic Naan (£4.75), Cheese Naan (£5.75) & Roomali Roti (£4.50)

For breads, the Garlic Naan & Cheese Naan are our go-to. Both are absolutely fantastic to taste, featuring the perfect fluffy texture and fragrant flavours. The Roomali Roti was not bad either, especially when you get to see it in action being tossed and cooked in its inverted Tawa through the window. Perhaps just a slight bit more extra seasoning would have made it stand out more but that’s just our personal opinions.

A plate of gajar halwa carrot pudding served with pistachio kulfi at Copper Chimney restaurant

Gajar Pistachio Crumble (£6.95)

Moving onto desserts, Copper Chimney’s menu offers a small selection of traditional picks and our all-time favourite is the Gajar Pistachio Crumble. It’s essentially Gajar Halwa, i.e. sweet carrot pudding, laced with a praline crumble and served with Pistachio Kulfi. That buttery ghee flavour around the pudding was to die for and the kulfi creates such a lovely balance against the decadence of the dessert. We order it every single time we visit the restaurant.

Masala Chai (£3.50)

After all the food, there’s nothing more comforting than a good cup of masala chai. On our very first visit when Copper Chimney had just opened in Westfield, the Masala Chai was, unfortunately, a tad bit bland. Nonetheless, it has certainly improved over the years. I wouldn’t say it’s the best chai and still prefer Dishoom’s house chai more, but it’s not too bad if you fancy one after all the scrumptious food.

Copper Chimney Review Summary

Not only is Copper Chimney a fantastic addition to Westfield’s food line-up, but it’s also a terrific addition to London’s modern Indian restaurant scene. The meat grills, especially, are top-notch and the highlight of the meal every single time. My only thing to pick on is the pricing which has gone up a fair bit over the years. Of course, it’s still worth it but it’s quite a noticeable increase with a few dishes nearly doubled in price. Even with the current economic climate, it seems to be more than what we see from other restaurants.

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Halal Status

All meats served are halal, but alcohol is present at the restaurant

Restaurant Info

Nearest station: Shepherds Bush

Tel: 020 8059 4439
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