Just right about when I was getting bored with food options in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush, the leading contemporary Indian restaurant brand, Copper Chimney, has opened up their first UK outpost there. They pride themselves on serving award-winning Northern Indian cuisine across India, with original recipes that have been carried through 3 generations. You can find them at the Southern Terrace of Westfield, which is just a few steps away from Shepherds Bush station.

Copper Chimney Westfield

Walking into Copper Chimney, the interior immediately gives a lovely impression. It was cosy and vibrant, but also modern and sophisticated at the same time. The staff were pretty upbeat as well, creating a buzzing vibe. From our table, we can see the inverted Tawa in part of the kitchen and watch the chef in action tossing and cooking Roomali Roti.

The Food (What We Ordered)

The menu takes inspiration across all the Undivided India and offers a good selection of starters, tandoor grills, curries and biryani options. All meats served are halal. However, alcohol is served at the restaurant. Here is what we ordered:

Chicken Tikka (£9.95)

Grilled Chicken Tikka at Copper Chimney

Influenced from the city of Amritsar, the chicken was seasoned with finely pounded red chillies, Amchoor (mango powder), and Himalayan black salt. The chicken was tender and succulent to taste, with a lovely chargrilled touch and robust flavours. There’s a lovely punch of spice and heat in there as well that really made our palates sing.

Chutney Fish (£11.50)

Chutney Fish at Copper Chimney

We then also tried out the chutney fish, which is influenced by Karachi-Sindh flavours. The fish was marinated in green mint and lemon chutney, which gave this greenish colour. Personally, I feel that the fish itself could use a bit more seasoning as the flavours were slightly underwhelming. Nonetheless, it paired well with the mint chutney that’s served on the side which played a key role in bringing out the flavours and made it more enjoyable. Portion sizes were a bit small in our opinion so it’s not one we’re going to gush over.

Grilled Burrah Chop (£4.50 each)

Grilled Lamb Chops at Copper Chimney

If there’s a must-try dish at Copper Chimney, these lamb chops would be it. They were cinnamon-scented and marinated for over 8 hours, then seared and chargrilled to perfection. The meat was really tender and juicy, and the flavours were great. It was lip-smackingly piquant, moreish, and totally a flavour party. If you are looking for the top best halal lamb chops in London, there’s definitely a spot for this one up there!

Chicken Bharta (£11.25)

Chicken Bharta Curry at Copper Chimney

Moving on to curries, we got the Chicken Bharta, which is hand-pulled chicken in mild gravy, topped with half an egg. The chicken was very tender to taste, however, the gravy wasn’t as well-spiced as anticipated and lacked seasoning. In comparison to the grilled dishes above, this curry was rather mediocre.

*update: this dish is no longer on the menu

Butter Chicken (£14.95)

The Butter Chicken is one of their most popular curry dishes and, luckily, it fared better than the Chicken Bharta above. It was very creamy and the chicken pieces were very tender. Personally, I find it a bit sweet and would like to see more spices to cut through the gravy. But all in all, it’s a decent one.

Parda Lamb Biryani (£15.95)

For biryani, we went with the Parda Lamb Biryani, which got boneless lamb chunks marinated in garam masala, julienned ginger and creamy yoghurt, then cooked in aromatic saffron rice in a sealed pot with pastry on top.

I love it when a biryani comes with a pastry. However, the flavours didn’t quite live up to our anticipation. It definitely tasted more of a basic pilau instead of a biryani. The rice was fluffy but we felt that the lamb really lacked gravy and, overall, lacked in spices and robustness.

Garlic Naan (£2.95) & Roomali Roti (£3.25)

Dishes at Copper Chimney

We got a portion of Garlic Naan and Roomali Roti to go with the food. The Garlic Naan was very fragrant and lip-smackingly delicious. Whereas the Roomali Roti was not bad too but we’d prefer it with an extra touch of seasoning.

Karak Masala Chai (£2.75)

A cup of Karak Masala Chai at Copper Chimney

After all the food, there’s nothing more comforting than a good cup of masala chai. On our very first visit when Copper Chimney Westfield has just opened, the Karak Masala Chai was, unfortunately, a little bit bland. However, as we revisited again almost 2 years later, the chai has certainly improved and was decent.

Gajar Pistachio Crumble (£5.95)

Last but not least, desserts! We tried out the Gajar Pistachio Crumble and thoroughly enjoyed it. Couldn’t taste much of the praline crumble but the pudding itself was lovely and it was a treat to pair it with pistachio kulfi.


Summing up, I think Copper Chimney is a lovely addition to Westfield if you’re around the area. Is it top-notch food? We enjoyed the grills, especially the Chicken Tikka and Burrah Chops, but the rest definitely still got some room for improvement. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, I’m glad for this new addition around the area and we would be popping by again here and there for a ‘nicer’ local meal.

  • Food
  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Value

Halal Status

All meats are halal, but alcohol present at the premise

Tel:020 8059 4439
Website: https://www.copperchimney.uk/
Instagram: @copperchimney_uk

Nearest station: Shepherd’s Bush

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Copper Chimney Restaurant Review
Copper Chimney Restaurant Review

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