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Bournemouth South Coast Roast Cafe Breakfast

Recently, I picked up running again (I actually joined a 10k run for July!) and am absolutely not allowing any slack even during my little beachside weekend getaway to Bournemouth. After a lovely run through the Bournemouth gardens to the beachside, all the way to Boscombe Pier and back, my body was craving for a good breakfast for a refuel. In search for a good breakfast/brunch spot, I came across South Coast Roast Cafe which is located in the town centre of Bournemouth.

South Coast Roast Cafe is an Aussie-style brunch spot serving up all-day breakfast and quality coffee. Coffee is a highlight for the cafe. They are actually fairly well-known on the Independent Coffee scene in Bournemouth and has been voted top 50 coffee shops in the UK.

Arriving on a Sunday morning, the cafe was really busy. Luckily we managed to catch a table that was just about to leave so didn’t really have to wait. The interior of the cafe carries a hippy earthy tone. It’s quite chilled except that the music was way too loud and the music didn’t match up to the vibe. If it were up to us, we’d love a nice ChillHop Beats playing in the background instead. The music really didn’t sit well with us at all and since it’s so loud, it really affected the experience. But at least, the food and coffee made up for it!

Chai Latte (£3)

South Coast Roast Cafe Bournemouth Chai Latte

Despite fully aware of their reputable coffee, I decided to go for something milder like a Chai Latte instead of my Flat White / Latte. Reason being, I already had a really strong cup before my morning run and also, in general, wanted to cut down my caffeine intake.

This Chai Latte was certainly what I’d call the perfect “hug in a mug”. Every sip sends a warming sensation down your belly. It’s fragrant and velvety to taste. I was peeping at other people’s coffees though and it looked and smelled amazing – will definitely come back to try that if I come back to Bournemouth!

Bondi Breakfast (£8)

South Coast Roast Cafe Bournemouth Bondi Breakfast - with toast, poached eggs, gherkins, grilled tomatoes, rocket leaves, and chilli jam.

The Bondi Breakfast consists avocado toast, poached eggs, gherkins, grilled tomatoes, rocket leaves, and chilli jam. You then get to choose from having a meat option (salmon/chorizo/ham), vegetarian option with halloumi cheese, or vegan option (no eggs and with mushrooms & corn fritters). As you can see from the picture above, I picked halloumi. And you might also noticed – there’s no avocado toast on my plate – this is because I swapped that out with regular toast.

This breakfast plate was absolutely delightful. Each component of the dish was great and well-made. Everything was well-seasoned and tasty. My most favourite part of the dish was their chilli jam – piquant, tangy and zingy. It was particularly fitting with the grilled halloumi and eggs.

In summary…

South Coast Roast Cafe is an absolutely delightful breakfast spot in Bournemouth. It really ticked the boxes in terms of focusing on fresh produce and quality coffee (and it’s very reasonably priced). The only downside for us is the music. We don’t mind the alternative music genres but it’s just way too loud for a cafe. Anyhow, if you’re in Bournemouth, we definitely recommend checking this place out for some delicious brunch and coffee!

  • Food
  • Atmosphere
  • Value

Halal Status

South Coast Roast Cafe does not serve halal meats. Vegetarian options are available.

Tel: 01202 551197
Instagram: @southcoastroastuk

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