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Are you down to try out camel meat? I’ve been getting some mixed responses on my Instagram for this question. For me, camel meat isn’t something I encounter every day. So whilst I’m in Morocco, I might as well try it out for the novelty of it! Cafe Clock is a well-known restaurant in both Marrakech and Fez serving up a camel meat burger, as well as a wide range of other more traditional dishes.

I originally wanted to visit Cafe Clock while in Marrakech but itinerary-wise it didn’t fit as it’s not particularly close to where we were based. Then fast forward after the most magical desert & mountain tour, we arrived at Fez and there’s a Cafe Clock situated just 5-10-minute walk away from our riad (nearby the Blue Gate)! So, better late than never, we hit up the restaurant in Fez.

Terrace seating area at Cafe Clock, Fez

Fez’s medina is a maze that’s confusing as hell to navigate around. And Cafe Clock wasn’t directly on one of the main roads within the medina so we actually walked past it a few times before managing to properly locate it. Imagine two idiots kept staring at an offline Google Map and walking back and forth over a street corner – yup that was us because you needed to turn into a small alley to reach the restaurant entrance which wasn’t shown very clearly on the map.

Interior decor of Cafe Clock, Fez

Anyway, we got there, very nice R&B beats were playing in the restaurant and friendly staff were there to welcome us. It was most definitely different from all the classic Moroccan restaurants we’ve been to in Morocco. The interior features almost a funkier style and showcased a more artsy decor than the classical Moroccan mosaic tiles and arches.

We went all the way up to the terrace for a dinner with a view. The decor was very cozy up there, with views facing the Bou Inania Madrasa plus the beautiful moon over us.

Camel Burger (95dh)

Camel Burger at Cafe Clock, Fez

Without sparing an extra second looking at the menu, we ordered ourselves each a camel burger.

The burger came with cheese melted on top, with tomatoes, onions, and its house taza ketchup. Before commenting on the camel meat, I just want to say that I really liked that taza ketchup as it was sweet and slightly tangy, and simply something that really opened up my palate.

Anyway, as for the camel burger – how does camel meat taste like? Personally, I find it tasting like between lamb and venison. It also tasted quite lean compared to the usual burgers. The meat carried quite a naturally salty and savoury touch so it didn’t need much of other seasonings to bring the flavours out. Albeit less fatty, the meat remained very tender.

All in all, I enjoyed the burger. It’s decent and definitely satisfied my curiosity for camel meat. However, if it’s not for the novelty of camel meat, it’s kind of a forgettable burger.

Anyhow, did this post manage to convince you to try camel meat? If you don’t fancy a camel burger, they also do lamb burgers or chicken sandwiches, as well as other Moroccan dishes like tagines, salads, and pastilla. Foods are at quite a cheap price so I’d definitely recommend paying Cafe Clock a visit when in Morocco, whether it’s for the camel meat or just casual dining!

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Tel: +212 5356-37855

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Cafe Clock Morocco Restaurant Review

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