Westfield White City Halal Food Options

Heading to Westfield for a shopping trip and looking to grab a bite? Then check out this Westfield White City Halal Food guide where we list out all the halal food options you can find in the mall, featuring everything from quick bites to sit-down meals! We have definitely spent a fair bit of time at Westfield White City as we live nearby. I’m not really a shopper, so the time we spent at Westfield is really mostly for food in the area. Luckily, there are quite a few options around and we will keep updating this list if anything new pops up!

Where to Find Halal Food in Westfield White City

Westfield Terrace (Shepherds Bush station side)

Copper Chimney

Food spread at Copper Chimney Westfield White City

If you’re looking for a nice sit-down meal, Copper Chimney is definitely the one to be. The Indian restaurant features a lovely interior and decor that’s most perfect to wind down after a day strolling at the mall. Food-wise, Copper Chimney makes some of the best meat grills in town, especially their Chicken Tikka and Burrah Lamb Chops. Their Butter Chicken is a popular pick too and most ideal with some freshly made roti and naan. It’s also a perfect date-night dinner spot in our opinion!

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. No pork but alcohol is present at the restaurant.

Website: https://copperchimney.uk/
Instagram: copperchimney_uk

Balans Soho Society

Photo credits to Balans Soho Society

If you’re looking for a brunch/lunch spot before your shopping adventures, Balans Soho Society could be an option. They serve halal chicken and beef, and its menu offers a good selection of classic brunch dishes. If you’re feeling a little naughty, try out the Togarashi Buttermilk Chicken Doughnut – yep, fried chicken in a doughnut – don’t knock it till you try it! We have tried their breakfast menu and thought it was okay but nothing spectacular.

Halal Status: Chicken & beef are halal. Pork and alcohol are present at the restaurant

Website: https://balans.co.uk/locations/westfield-shepherds-bush/
Instagram: balanslondon


Photo credits to Mandaloun

You’ll see people chilling and having shisha as you walk past Mandaloun. The Lebanese restaurant has a pretty big menu featuring mezze, salads, wraps, stews, and plenty of grills. However, we haven’t always heard the best things about the food – we haven’t actually tried it to confirm anything though.

Halal status: All meats served are halal.

Website: https://www.mandaloun.com/
Instagram: mandalounuk


Photo credits to Cabana

Everyone loves a giant big chicken skewer. The Brazilian chain restaurant, Cabana, specialises in Spicy Malagueta Chicken skewers which arrives at your table in a giant skewer before the staff neatly slide them onto a plate for you. You can choose your glaze between Spicy Malagueta, Guava Barbecue or Honey Glaze, and you can pick up extra sauces from their counter like Nandos-style. Enjoy it with a side of Biro-Biro Rice, Churrasco Fries, and/or Rio Black Beans to complete your Latin-inspired meal!

Halal status: Chicken & lamb are halal. Alcohol and pork are served at the restaurant.

Website: https://www.cabana-brasil.com/
Instagram: cabanabrasil

GBK Burgers

Chicken Burger at Westfield GBK Burgers
Photo credits to GBK Burger

Before we got spoilt with amazing halal fried chicken burgers around London, GBK Burgers used to be a go-to spot for an easy fried chicken burger fix. They do halal panko chicken across all branches up and down the nation. We used to get their Panko Satay Chicken Burger, with their delicious Tater Tots on the side and a glass of their creamy chocolate milkshake! There are more chicken options on the menu now but always remember to get the panko chicken and not the grilled chicken as the latter is not halal.

Halal status: Only the Panko Chicken is halal. Pork is served at the restaurant.

Website: https://gbk.co.uk/
Instagram: gbkburgers

Westfield Food Court & Atrium

Mrs Chew’s

Roast Duck Noodles at Mrs Chew's Westfield Food Court

Fancy some halal Chinese food? Then you ought to check out Mrs Chew’s. Its menu offers a selection of dim sums, Chinese roast chicken and/or duck, and various stir-fry dishes. Everything is halal on the menu and, as far as affordable no-fuss halal Chinese food goes, even though they’re not a hundred per cent stellar, they are a decent pick if you’re hanging around in Westfield. We recommend trying out their roast duck but avoid the stir-fries. Read our full detailed review of Mrs Chew’s Chinese Kitchen here.

Halal status: All meats served are halal.

Website: http://mrschews.co.uk/
Instagram: mrschewschinesekitchen


Spicy Chicken Pho Noodle Soup at Pho Westfield White City

The Vietnamese franchise may not be the most authentic representation of Vietnamese cuisines but, as far as halal-friendly ones, Pho is a decent spot. For pho noodle soups, only the Spicy Chicken Pho, Curry Noodle Soup, and vegetarian ones are halal. The regular chicken pho isn’t halal as the broth isn’t – but if you ask for the vegetarian broth, they may be able to cater for that. Pho aside, their Vietnamese Curries are a good shout too.

Halal status: Chicken is halal. Pork is present on the menu

Website: https://www.phocafe.co.uk/
Instagram: phorestaurant

Morty & Bob

Chimichurri Steak Sarnie at Morty & Bob's Westfield White City

Morty & Bob’s are most known for their grilled cheese sandwiches, which you can thoroughly enjoy here at their Westfield White City branch. Expect rich and oozy cheese with either mixed onions or mushrooms & truffle, sandwiched in between crispy toasts with the most alluring aroma. For this branch only, they also offer halal chicken, beef, and lamb. Their chimichurri steak sarnie certainly goes down a treat, or their rotisserie chicken is quite a nice one too!

Halal status: Chicken, beef & lamb are halal.

Website: https://www.mortyandbobs.com/
Instagram: mortyandbobs


Chicken Burrito at Tortilla
Photo credits to Tortilla

For a quick but filling bite, Tortilla is definitely a good option. You can’t go wrong with their Build-You-Own Burrito, where you get to choose between chicken (which is halal), grilled vegetables, or vegan chilli, and pick & choose your own choice of rice, beans, fresh salsas, and guacamole. If a burrito is too heavy, then try their tacos or rice bowls, which are lighter options. For something sweet, they have recently added chocolate churros onto their menu as well!

Halal status: Chicken is halal. Pork is present on the menu.

Website: https://www.tortilla.co.uk/locations/westfield-london/
Instagram: tortillauk

Master Bao

Fried Chicken Bao at Master Bao Westfield White City
Photo credits to Master Bao

Fancy some fluffy bao buns? Then look no further than Master Bao. Enjoy the likes of Taiwanese fried chicken bao, which is paired with wasabi mayo, kimchi, and coriander; or check out the fried prawns, teriyaki shiitake mushrooms, or braised tofu options. Alternatively, they also have noodle bowl options and a small selection of small sharing plates for sides as well.

Halal status: Chicken is halal. Pork and alcohol are present on the menu.

Website: https://masterbao.co.uk/
Instagram: masterbaouk

Pizza Pilgrims

Honey Pepperoni Pizza at Pizza Pilgrims

It was this very branch that Pizza Pilgrims started trialling out halal pepperoni on their menu. Following its success, halal pepperoni is now available across all branches – simply let your waiter know and they’ll ensure your pizza is handled and cooked separately. We think their vegetarian offerings, such as the Margherita and Truffle Mushroom pizzas, are better but it’s always good to have an extra option!

Halal status: Halal pepperoni is available upon request. Pork is present on the menu

Website: https://www.pizzapilgrims.co.uk/
Instagram: pizzapilgrims


Photo credits to Indi-go

Thinking about Indian food but don’t feel like a proper sit-down meal at Copper Chimney? Then Indi-go is your quick and easy fix. Enjoy a range of street food classics such as masala fries, chaat, momos, etc. as well as tandoori grills, curries, and dum biryani. Some dishes are better than others, but as far as no-fuss food-court food goes, I suppose it’s an alright pick.

Halal status: All meats served are halal.

Website: https://www.indigostreetfood.com/
Instagram: indigostfood

Comptoir Libanese

Photo credits to Comptoir Libanis

Comptoir Libanais has been a solid Lebanese eatery across London. Enjoy a variety of mezze (can’t go wrong with some falafels and kibbeh), salads, meat grills, as well as their Lebanese burgers, wraps, and tagine dishes. Food court-quality food inevitably won’t be as good as their actual restaurant’s but it does the job. From our personal experience, we thought the mezze were okay but the meat grills were not quite worth it.

Halal status: All meats served are halal. Alcohol is present on the menu.

Website: https://www.comptoirlibanais.com/
Instagram: comptoirlibanais


Photo credits to Byron’s

If you take the stairs up from the food court to the Atrium, you’d find the nationwide burger chain, Byron’s. They have recently added a chicken burger range which is halal! You can choose between grilled or buttermilk deep-fried chicken. Do note that they use chicken breast, so it’s not going to be as succulent and flavoursome as chicken thighs. But we’ve heard positive reviews for the chicken burgers, especially the deep-fried chicken ones, and it’s always great to see a national chain opening up their food to a more diverse crowd!

Halal status: Chicken is halal. Pork and alcohol are present on the menu.

Website: https://www.byron.co.uk/
Instagram: byronburgersuk

Westfield Square (near John Lewis)

Bindas Eatery

Rose Chai and House Chai at Bindas Eatery Westfield White City

Bindas Eatery is the newest restaurant addition in Westfield White City. Started out as a pop-up in Westfield, Bindas Eatery went on to open their first restaurant in Mayfair and have now opened a second branch back at where it all started. Find them at the Westfield Square by the John Lewis side and enjoy a warming cup of House Chai or Rose Chai while munching down their signature Butter Chicken Bomb Burger. Their curries are pretty nice too and you ought to try out their unique Za’atar & Truffle Paratha! Read more about our experience and review of Bindas Eatery Westfield here.

Halal status: All meats served are halal. Alcohol is served at the restaurant.

Website: https://bindaseatery.com/
Instagram: bindaseatery

All Star Lanes

Photo credits to All Star Lanes

Bowling nights are always fun. Next time you are at All Star Lanes for some fun activities, you can also enjoy yourselves a little munch if you’re peckish or sit down at their restaurant area for more food. All Star Lanes offer halal chicken across all branches where you can enjoy different flavoured wings (cajun/buffalo/bbq) and crispy buttermilk fried chicken burgers or buns. You can opt for the Bowl, Drink & Dine Menu – which includes a game of bowling plus a 2-course menu and drinks. For groups, a family bundle menu is also available.

Halal status: Chicken is halal. Pork is present on the menu.

Website: https://www.allstarlanes.co.uk/
Instagram: allstarlanes

Desserts & Snacks

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

Halo-Halo Dessert at Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream Westfield

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream Westfield is the third branch of the popular Filipino ice cream parlour. You can find all things Ube there, including ice cream, Bilog, doughnuts, hot chocolate, iced latte, Halo-halo, etc. In addition to that, you’d definitely want to get your hands on their Baklava Bilog, which is exclusive to the Westfield branch! Read more about our write-up on Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream Westfield here.

Location: Ground Floor (near Shepherds Bush main entrance)

Website: https://www.dirtyicecream.co.uk/
Instagram: mamasonsdirtyicecream


A cup of Frozen Yoghurt at Yole Westfield White City

Being on a diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on desserts and treats! Need a guilt-free dessert? Yole has got your back. Their entire range of ice cream and frozen yoghurts are all at very low calories (only 55cals per 100ml) and no added sugar. The flavours were excellent, whether you’re actively seeking out low-calorie treats or not, and there are plenty of topping options for you to choose from.

Location: Ground Floor kiosk

Website: https://www.yole.com/
Instagram: yoleuk

Wheelcake Island

Taiwanese Wheelcakes at Wheelcake Island
Photo credits to Wheelcake Island

If you never had Taiwanese wheel cakes before, they are the cutest sweet treat that looks like mini wheels. They are essentially custard-filled mini cakes – moist, fluffy and pillowy. Wheelcake Island is the first to serve this traditional Taiwanese treat in London and offers delicious flavours such as vanilla custard, matcha, chocolate & vanilla custard, and Azuki red beans. Keep an eye out on any seasonal special flavours as well because you definitely don’t want to miss out on flavours like Biscoff, Oreo, etc.!

Location: Ground Floor kiosk

Website: https://www.wheelcakeisland.com/
Instagram: wheelcakeisland

Ole & Steen

Freshly baked cinnamon social pastry slices at Ole & Steen
Photo credits to Ole & Steen

If you’re looking for a place to sit down with a coffee and pastry, especially if you like cinnamon buns, then you must head to Ole & Steen. Their Cinnamon Social Slice is unrivalled and there are plenty of other amazing Danish pastries and cakes to choose from as well. Brunch is also available where you get to sit down and enjoy the likes of avocado toast.

Location: 1st Floor (near John Lewis)

Website: https://oleandsteen.co.uk/
Instagram: oleandsteenuk

Ben’s Cookies

A tray of cookies from Ben's Cookies
Photo credits to Ben’s Cookies

Freshly baked giant chunky cookies, you say? Yes, please! You can’t go wrong with a cookie treat from Ben’s Cookies. You won’t be able to miss them if you’re heading to Westfield from the Shepherds Bush station side. There are plenty of flavours for you to choose from and our go-to favourites are any of their chocolate chunk cookies.

Location: Next to Shepherds Bush station

Website: https://www.benscookies.com/
Instagram: benscookies

Mr Pretzels

Photo credits to Mr Pretzels

I’ll let you on a little secret. I used to walk past Mr Pretzels, usually when heading to Boots, and they will always be handing out free samples for their Cinnamon Pretzels. They are honestly so irresistible and always left me wanting more! The signature cinnamon pretzels aside, you can enjoy a range of both sweet and savoury offerings including chocolate, toffee, salted, sesame, and more.

Location: Ground Floor

Website: https://www.mrpretzelsuk.com/
Instagram: mrpretzelsuk

Biju Bubble Tea (now closed)

Before some big Taiwanese names came to London, Biju is definitely one of my top bubble tea spots. They’re still a very solid spot to check out should you be craving boba during your shopping trip. Our favourite flavours include Hong Kong-style Milk Tea, Matcha, Chocolate Milo, and Sesame Milk Boba!

Location: 1st Floor

Website: https://www.bijububbletea.com/
Instagram: bijububbletea

Snowflake Gelato

Photo credits to Snowflake Gelato

Snowflake Gelato has been a pretty popular ice cream parlour in town, with stores all over central London. The Westfield store offers classic gelato scoops, sundaes, as well as waffles and crepes. You can find them on the 1st floor of Westfield near the food court. If you’re looking for an ice cream treat, it’s definitely one to check out.

Location: 1st Floor (next to food court)

Website: https://snowflakegelato.co.uk/
Instagram: snowflakegelato

Pan N Ice

Photo credits to Pan N Ice

Speaking of ice cream, the hype might have died down on social media but Pan N Ice’s ice cream rolls remain a popular pick in Westfield. There is something satisfying to watch their ice cream rolls being made, from the chopping to rolling, it’s almost like you get a show out of it every time you order from them.

P.S. Did you know they do DIY kits for their ice cream rolls too? It comes with a mini electric pan, spatulas, and all the ingredients you need to recreate their ice cream rolls at home!

Location: 1st Floor (near Nike)

Website: https://pan-n-ice.co.uk/
Instagram: pan_n_ice

Little Moons

Photo credits to Little Moons

Little Moons’ mochi ice cream has been quite the popular treat these days. They are now widely available at various leading nationwide supermarkets and they also got a little kiosk at Westfield White City to fix your cravings. Enjoy a range of flavours, from classic vanilla, chocolate & hazelnut, matcha, pistachio, strawberry, mango, yuzu lemon, etc. and mix-and-match as you like without having to commit to a whole package from the supermarkets!

Location: Ground Floor (near Boots)

Website: https://littlemoons.com/
Instagram: littlemoonsmochi

Doughnut Time

The Brisbane hole-in-a-wall doughnut shop is now a worldwide sensation with locations everywhere, including Westfield White City. Expect giant fluffy doughnuts with all sorts of decadent flavours and creative flavour names. Our favourites include El Dorado (Biscoff), Liam Hemsworthy (red velvet cookies & cream), Stranger Rings 2.0 (chocolate, Oreo & Nutella), Bruno Mars (hazelnut cream, Nutella, wafer & Kinder Bueno), and many more!

Location: Ground Floor (near Jack Wills)

Website: https://doughnuttime.co.uk/
Instagram: doughnuttime_uk


It is rather impossible to resist Wafflemeister’s alluring display of waffles! Their signature Belgian Liege Waffles with various toppings are quite the lovely sweet treat on the go and simply delicious. Liege Waffles aside, you can also enjoy the likes of milkshakes and ice cream from their stall.

Location: 1st Floor (near food court by the Balcony)

Website: https://wafflemeister.com/
Instagram: wafflemeister


Photo credits to Crepeaffaire

If you’re near the John Lewis side of Westfield, Crepeaffaire is a great pick for a little pick-me-up treat with its selection of crepes. You can enjoy both sweet and savoury flavours (though only chicken is halal), and perhaps treat yourself to a nice little drink with it as well. Classic flavour-ed crepes aside, there are also lots of vegan options, and they have also added a range of waffles and mini pancakes on the menu!

Location: 1st Floor (next to West Elm)

Website: https://www.crepeaffaire.com/
Instagram: crepeaffaire


Photo credits to T4

There’s more than one boba spot in Westfield White City – you may not spot it directly inside the mall but, if you’re visiting from the Shepherds Bush station side, you won’t be able to miss T4 next to the station. T4 is also a decent pick for bubble teas and got more options than Biju above.

Location: Outside Shepherds Bush station

Website: https://www.t4.co.uk/
Instagram: t4_unitedkingdom

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