Crosstown Doughnuts is now a popular doughnut brand in London. It all started as a market stall and very soon began to spread around the city. In just a year, not only do they have a regular appearance at multiple popular food markets, but they have also managed to launch their permanent flagship shop in Soho. Their doughnuts are also sold at a number of popular retails, independent stores and even on an airline’s business class service.

It’s just hard to say no to some freshly handmade doughnuts especially when they come with all sorts of innovative flavours. Crosstown Doughnuts showcases a wide variety of flavours from the classic vanilla glazed to a range of innovative flavour combos such as mango & apple, watermelon & lime, matcha tea, chilli chocolate, etc. They also offer some even unique concepts such as cinnamon scroll, creme brulee, banoffee, lamnut (lamington + donut), so on and so forth. In addition, they have plenty of vegan-friendly doughnuts on the menu too.

They don’t sell all their flavours at their market stalls or at their Soho flagship shop so if you’re looking for a specific flavour, you might have to gamble your luck that the location you’re heading would have that particular flavour on the day. Alternatively, they do a ‘click & collect’ service so you can reserve the flavours you like for collection at their Soho shop or even get them delivered (available nationwide).

Here are some of the flavours I’ve tried:

Vanilla Glaze

Classic Vanilla Glaze Doughnut at Crosstown Doughnuts

Sometimes the simplest and most basic flavours are the best. You can’t go wrong with a classic vanilla-glazed doughnut. Crosstown Doughnuts does a good job for theirs too. It’s an original glaze doughnut but with a fantastic touch of vanilla fragrance seeping through.

A vegan version of the Vanilla Glaze Doughnut is also available.

Creme Brulee Doughnut

The Creme Brulee doughnut, in a nutshell, is a classic sourdough doughnut filled with vanilla custard and with a crisp caramelized sugar surface.

I loved that lightly crispy glazed surface of the doughnut. It doesn’t exactly ‘crack’ like a creme brulee should do but it’s more like a thin crispy glaze on top to add a bit of texture.

The vanilla custard cream comes oozing out after taking a bite into the doughnut. The dough itself is pretty fluffy and not overly sweet. I feel the flavours really matched and complimented one another well. Does it really resemble a creme brulee? Not entirely. But it’s definitely one pretty delicious doughnut.

The Cinnamon Scroll

The Cinnamon Scroll is definitely what got Crosstown Doughnut on my radar in the first place.

Visually it looks pretty alluring, especially on that gorgeous vanilla glaze. I was expecting it’s just going to be a swirl doughnut dusted with cinnamon sugar and a vanilla glaze on top. Nonetheless, as I took my first bite into it, there’s a vanilla cream cheese custard oozing out from the centre and it just gives this taste and texture that somewhat resembles a Cinnabon! I guess I can say it is somewhat a lighter version of a Cinnabon – it’s still rich but certainly not as heavy as a Cinnabon. Again, it’s not overly sweet as well and was an absolute delight to have.

A vegan version of the Cinnamon Scroll is also available.

Matcha Doughnut

Matcha Doughnut at Crosstown Doughnuts

I love a good matcha-flavoured treat and was very excited to try out the Matcha Doughnut by Crosstown Doughnuts. It was decent but I didn’t exactly love it. Reason being, I felt that there’s a lack of balance for the matcha flavour. Personally, I find it too much to use a matcha icing glaze as well over the doughnut which already had a rich taste of matcha. It was lacking just that a little bit of balance and missing the light delicate touch of the matcha itself.

Dark Chocolate Truffle Doughnut

The Dark Chocolate Truffle Doughnut got a very rich dark chocolate glaze over it, with slight bitter hit to it. I don’t dislike it nor am I a huge fan of it. It felt a tad bit too rich in my opinion and the doughnut itself for this one (maybe it’s just the batch I got) was quite dense already in texture.

There is also a vegan version available.

Coffee Doughnut

Coffee Doughnut from Crosstown Doughnuts

The coffee doughnut was quite a delight. It’s got a strong and distinct coffee flavour in there which got me instantly hooked. It’s got the perfect ratio of dough versus glaze as well. Everything’s well-balanced and it goes well with a cuppa/coffee.

In summary…

…Crosstown Doughnut is a decent doughnut spot to visit. Some flavours were pretty exceptional, whereas some were underwhelming. With so many flavours to choose from, which one’s your favourite flavour?

In 2020, Crosstown Doughnut has also launched their own ice cream in addition to their doughnuts, specialty coffees, and cookies.

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