Lisbon: Cervejaria Ramiro

When in Portugal, seafood is a must. Seafood is available everywhere but there’s this one spot that keeps attracting a huge queue specifically for seafood and it’s a spot that I find myself returning to when I visited Lisbon a few years later. Cervejaria Ramiro is arguably one of the best seafood restaurants in Lisbon. Not only is it about the quality seafood, but it’s also about being able to enjoy it at an affordable price! It is a family-run seafood restaurant established since the 1950s. If you look them up online, you’d see raving review after review.

The menu at Cervejaria Ramiro offers a wide variety of seafood options. If you’re a seafood lover, like me, the menu is one dreamy seafood galore!

Here is what we had:

Garlic Clams (€11.07)

These garlic clams were nicely served in a copper pot. Upon serving, it was incredibly fragrant with this garlicky aroma filling up the whole table. The clams were clean and fresh – no sandy bits at all. The broth is especially heavenly to pair with the crusty bread.

Tiger Prawns x3 (€14)

Simply grilled with a pinch of sea salt, I must say these prawns were phenomenal. They were massive in size, and elegantly halved. It’s really fresh and no doubt of prime quality. The texture was al dente and so beautifully executed. This is a must order and absolutely amazing for value!

Crab (seasonal price)

I think massive meaty crabs are one of the seafood that I miss the most from home since I moved to the UK. This one at Cervejaria Ramiro was absolutely gigantic. It was so incredibly meaty, especially at the clamps, and was bursting of natural sweetness. There’s no doubt it’s of super fresh quality as you can see the abundance of crab roe nestled on the shells. The crab was just steamed, but it’s no short of flavours at all. It gets to prove that quality is key and you don’t need many flavourings if you get high quality of seafood in the first place.

In summary…

…I have made a return to Cervejaria Ramiro and would make many more returns for every time I visit Lisbon. The food was an absolute joy and pleasure. Plus you can totally order up a feast without breaking the bank much. It’s honestly just everything I love. If you’re visiting Lisbon, definitely add this spot to your list.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Atmosphere

Tel: +351 21 885 1024

Nearest Metro Station: Intendente

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