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Here’s another one on our Lisbon Brunch Series! On our last day in Lisbon (but not the last day of our 10-day Portugal trip), we decided to grab not just one, but two breakfasts as we wandered around the streets before moving on to our next city. Our first breakfast was at Heim Cafe where we enjoyed some coffee pancakes. From there, we visited the famous Pink Street and that’s when we ended up popping into Comoba Lisbon.

Comoba Lisbon: the aesthetic wellness cafe

Comoba is a stylish vegan-friendly cafe that focuses on organic and fresh artisanal produce. That probably tells you Comoba is a popular millennials’ hangout spot. And it’s true because as soon as we stepped into the cafe, you see either a group of girls snapping pictures ready to post on Instagram, or you see people burying their heads into their laptops with a coffee on the side. A fun little fact about Comoba Lisbon is that it is converted from an old pharmacy! The owners of Comoba has kept its century-old arches, given it a little polish, and turned it into this beautiful modern space without destroying any of the traditional architecture.

The cafe was really busy when we arrived. We managed to get seated by the bar after about a five-minute wait. It was absolutely buzzing inside and very lively. But even then, the staff always have a friendly smile on their faces.

The Food: What We Ordered

Comoba Lisbon prides itself on sourcing high-quality seasonal produce and that everything is freshly homemade without any processed ingredients or refined sugars. Comoba is a meat-free cafe (the only meat served is fish) with the majority of its menu being vegan. Alcohol is served at the restaurant.

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Mañana Smoothie (€6.50 regular size)

Such healthy fruity items are definitely not my type of thing but I’d like to take a moment just to admire how pretty this looks! The Mañana Smoothie is made of a blend of mango, banana, and paleo granola. It seriously just gives you all the summery tropical vibes with its vibrant yellow colour and the prettily arranged granola topping.

According to my friend, as it’s her order, the smoothie tasted decent but it was a bit icy and got watered down very soon. So I guess the verdict is it’s perhaps pretty to look at but not as satisfying as it looked.

Charcoal Latte (€3.80)

I would normally go for a regular coffee, especially with how much I have enjoyed Galaos in Portugal. However, seeing a number of unique latte combos on the menu, I decided to try out a Charcoal Latte for fun.

I genuinely didn’t know what to expect for this. I never had a Charcoal Latte before so it’s a complete brand new experience to me. Aesthetic-wise, it’s certainly a photogenic one. However, I felt it didn’t have much flavour or taste to it. In addition, it also left a rather gritty aftertaste. I guess it’s safe to conclude that I find this underwhelming.

Matcha Pancakes (€9.60)

For some reason, the Matcha Pancakes took a while to arrive. But the staff was apologetic about it and joked that it’s because he really took time to make a special one from scratch for us. Anyway, the pancakes were very nicely presented, with a dollop of cashew cream and wild berries on top, drizzled with maple syrup, and lightly dusted with matcha powder.

These are actually vegan and gluten-free pancakes – so once again, something new to me to experience. First of all, there was a pretty strong hit of matcha from the pancakes, which was nicely balanced with the light delicate cashew cream. In terms of texture, a vegan pancake isn’t as fluffy as regular pancakes. It was gummier, which was interesting to try out but not my preference.

Restaurant Review Summary

To conclude, Comoba Lisbon is certainly a pretty cool spot to check out, especially with its aesthetics and concept. However, the food didn’t impress us much. It could be just because we’re not used to vegan dishes but that’s our honest opinion. Nevertheless, if you’re a healthy food enthusiast and love a good chic stylish cafe setting, I’m sure you may love it more than we did!

Have you been to Comoba Lisbon? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Tel: +351 963 288 453
Instagram: comoba_lisboa

Nearest station: Cais do Sodre

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