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I’ve said it before but one amazing thing about 2020/21 is the rise of home bakers turning their baking hobbies into a business. We’ve tried quite a few over these few years and have discovered some amazing home-based bakeries that rival other more established cafes & bakeries in town. In fact, we might have just discovered UK’s best cookies from Mama’s Bakehouse and I can’t recommend her enough!

I first came across Mama’s Bakehouse through an Instagram collaboration. The founder, Sausann, has kindly offered me a complimentary cookie box for review and it all started from there. When I say her cookies are huge, they are HUGE. These gigantic cookies were just so lusciously buttery and moreish that you’d be left just wanting more. From packaging to the last cookie crumb, everything is executed perfectly. In this review article, I will be writing from a separate order I placed which I’ve paid for on my own.

Mama’s Bakehouse: UK Nationwide Cookies Delivery

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked cookies and that’s precisely what Sausann and her two sons would identify as the smell of home. A freezer drawer full of cookies from all the lockdown baking later, she decided to share her amazing cookies with the world in April 2021 and the rest is history.

Sausann is based in Leicester, but with nationwide delivery available, you can get a taste of her amazing cookies anywhere in the UK. You should definitely keep an eye out on her socials to find out monthly flavour boxes and any seasoning offerings!

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A stack of cookies from Mama's Bakehouse

Cookie Flavours We Tried at Mama’s Bakehouse

We went with a create-your-own box to pick and choose our preferred flavours. But there are regular flavour boxes available, including monthly mixed boxes and mixed brown butter cookie boxes. Do note that, for the create-your-own box, there is a minimum order of 6 cookies.

Each cookie is individually packed with a cute little icon label to tell you the flavour. Everything is halal (yes, including the S’mores)!

A plate of cookies from Mama's Bakehouse

Baklava (limited flavour) (£3.45)

For Eid, Mama’s Bake House has released a baklava cookie flavour and I just had to give it a try! The baklava is freshly made from scratch and every bite was offering a homely sensation. It’s not overly sweet but has still got a lovely rosy fragrance seeping through at every bite. Each bite was also laced with a nutty touch from both the pistachios and walnuts as well as a rich buttery flavour that’s subtly tinged with cinnamon.

Ferrero Rocher (limited flavour) (£3.25)

My other half loves Ferrero Rocher so we just had to order it when we saw it on the website. You’d find actual pieces of Ferrero Rocher stuffed in the cookie and laced with plenty of hazelnuts. It’s not overly sweet and the enriching nutty flavours stole more of the spotlight.

Pistachio Chocolate Chip (£3.25)

Ordering the pistachio chocolate chip cookie was a no brainer for me. Personally, I would’ve probably liked the pistachio butter filling to be a little be sweeter but I really appreciated that savoury nuttiness and the richness of the pistachio flavour.

A Pistachio Chocolate Chip Cookie from Mama's Bakehouse, split into halves to show pistachio cream filling
The Pistachio Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip (£2.85)

Chocolate chip cookies are a classic for a reason and Mama’s Bakehouse definitely makes some of the dreamiest ones ever! The cookies were so lusciously buttery, with really tender crumbs and just addictively moreish.

Triple Chocolate (£2.85)

The triple chocolate cookie was a winning flavour the time before and continues to be a winner now. It was rich and chocolatey to taste, but very well-balanced and never at any point felt overly sweet. It was perfectly indulgent, decadent, and easily the best of its kind out there.

Chocolate & Tahini (limited flavour) (£2.85)

The chocolate & tahini cookie was a lovely piece of chocolate cookie featuring an underlying nutty richness plus a savoury flavour depth from the tahini. Once again, the cookie demonstrated a superb balance of flavours and was a really enjoyable munch.

Mama’s Bakehouse Review Summary

Summing up, if you are a cookie lover and haven’t tried Mama’s Bakehouse, you’re seriously missing out. There isn’t a flavour that I didn’t enjoy and it’s hard to pick out a favourite because they’re all so good. And talk about value for money, each of these cookies are so thick and huge that it’s worth every penny. What I just love about the cookie box is a handwritten note from Sausann herself. I don’t know about you but that personalised touch is always a bonus and tells how much love has been put into baking these cookies.

Instagram: mamas_bakehouse_uk

Delivery: Nationwide (dispatched between every Tuesday and Thursday)

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Mama’s Bakehouse makes the best cookies you can find in the whole of the UK, featuring thick & gigantic cookie sizes, and the most moreish flavours possible. Nationwide delivery. Halal-friendly.

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