Afternoon Tea at Millie’s Lounge, The Ned

It’s always exciting when a birthday comes up from your core friendship group. This year, one of the girls decided on Afternoon Tea and I couldn’t be more excited! We originally wanted to go to the Landmark, but they didn’t have availability at our desired times. After a couple of research, we decided on Millie’s Lounge at The Ned.

I have always wanted an excuse to visit The Ned. The hotel is set within the former Midland Bank building and showcases an opulent interior. Stepping inside the hotel, we were immediately welcomed by some lovely live jazz music. The interior of the hotel is just what you’d expect – high ceiling, grand emerald-green marble columns, and elegant walnut panelled counters.

Interior of The Ned Hotel

Millie’s Lounge is one of the many restaurants within the hotel. It’s right on the left as you enter the hotel. It’s got these sophisticated and plush pink velvet banquettes, which is where we got seated.

It’s certainly a really cute spot for a girls’ date. The waitresses were also dressed in old-fashioned tea-maid outfits. Both aesthetics and ambience at this place was just totally spot on.

Afternoon Tea (£30)

Afternoon Tea Set at Millie's Lounge

So we went for the classic Afternoon Tea set, which is £30 per person. As what you can expect from a traditional three-tier English afternoon tea, it comes with finger sandwiches, scones, and desserts – all served on bespoke Burleigh china. As there aren’t any halal meats available, I requested a vegetarian version of it – and they’re very happy to cater.

The Sandwiches (refillable)

For the regular afternoon tea seat, you get each a Mustard Ham & Cheese, Coronation Chicken, Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese, and Egg Mayo sandwich. As for my vegetarian one, it has avocado, tomato, cucumber, and red pepper sandwiches (sorry I can’t remember exactly what sandwiches they were). My favourite from my plate of sandwiches is the red pepper one, which comes with a piquant pesto-like spread.

However, the best I must say was the Egg Mayo Sandwich! My friends offered me a bite of their egg mayo sandwich and it was so good. When asking for another round of sandwiches, I ordered a plate of just egg mayo sandwich – that’s how much I enjoyed it.

Scones at Millie's Lounge

Scones (one regular, one with raisins | served with clotted cream and strawberry jam)

Out of everything off the afternoon tea set, I think the scones are my favourite. They were lightly crispy on the outside, with an incredibly soft and fluffy interior. I really enjoyed that temendously velvety clotted cream – I probably would start eating it on its own if I could! The strawberry jam was very fresh as well with a very well-balanced sweetness. All in all, this has really hit the spot for me.


Lemon Pie at Millie's Lounge

As for the dessert tier, a variety of mini desserts were served, including a little slice of Battenberg cake, lemon tart, raspberry coconut macaroon, and a chocolate cake. My favourite was definitely the Lemon Tart, which carries a really sharp, tart and zingy flavour. I enjoyed the Battenberg cake too but it was a bit too sweet for me and I had to leave out the marzipan in the end.

Assam Tea (refillable)

For my choice of tea, I went for Assam.

Cup of Assam Tea at Millie's Lounge

Just when we thought we’re done, to all our surprises, they served a complimentary slice of birthday cake for our birthday girl! It’s a surprise because the birthday girl herself made the booking and didn’t ask for any birthday requests. So how did they know then? The birthday girl was actually late to the meal on the day. While we’re all sitting there waiting, we mentioned to the waitress that we couldn’t order yet because the birthday girl hasn’t arrived. I think she just picked that cue up and offered the birthday slice – how thoughtful of them!

All in all, we really enjoyed our Afternoon Tea experience at Millie’s Lounge. From food to atmosphere, it was quite the perfect girly Afternoon Tea spot. And most importantly, the birthday girl had a great time!

  • Food
  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Value

Halal Status

Millies Lounge does not serve halal meats. Vegetarian options are available.

Tel: 020 3828 2020
Instagram: @thenedlondon

Nearest station: Bank

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Millie's Lounge Afternoon Tea Review
Millie's Lounge Afternoon Tea Review

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