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As the sun comes out and the temperature rises in London, there’s no better way to spend your mornings or afternoons than strolling down the streets with an iced coffee in hand! The best thing about London is that there are plenty really good quality artisan speciality coffee shops that makes an excellent iced coffee, as well as having different types of iced coffees available such as Greek Freddo, Southeast Asian, etc. within your fingertips. Without further ado, here is a list of where to find the best ice coffee in London and featuring some of our favourites!

Where to Find the Best Ice Coffee in London

% Arabica

Ice Latte at % Arabica London
Iced Latte at % Arabica

% Arabica is firmly my favourite coffee shop in the world. No matter the location, their Iced Lattes always hit the spot. In fact, any of their coffee always hit the spot. Using their custom Slayer coffee machines across all branches globally, you can count on % Arabica to make the best coffees that are strong, rich, and silky to taste. What’s better than their regular iced latte? The Spanish Iced Latte (see header image). It is an especially popular drink at their London branches which I highly recommend, featuring the perfect balance of sweetness and caffeine, and simply super delicious!

Omotesando Koffee

Iced Cappuccino at Omotesando Koffee London
Iced Cappuccino at Omotesando Koffee

Another Japanese coffee shop that deserves a visit is Omotesando Koffee. Tucked away in Tottenham Court Road, this small but charming cafe is meticulous in every single brewing detail and makes exquisite coffees. The Iced Mochaccino is the most recommended pick meanwhile the Iced Cappuccino offers an exceptionally strong hit for those who enjoy their coffee extra strong. Cold-brew options are also available. Last but not least, don’t forget to grab a little tasty custard cube, named Kashi, to pair with your coffee!

Location: Tottenham Court Road (click to open location on Google Maps)

Instagram: omotesando.koffee

Shot London

Located in Mayfair, Shot London is the UK’s first luxury coffee bar, serving some of the finest and most exclusive coffees in town. The Signature Ice Cube Coffee is a showstopper, featuring Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, i.e. one of the most sought-after coffees in the world and known for its natural sweetness and floral aroma. Want to level it up even more? Then you should try out the Pistachio Ice Cube Coffee, which would be a pistachio lovers’ dream.


Looking for another place that makes ice cube coffee? Then check out Megan’s. You may already be rather familiar with the name as Megan’s is a very popular neighbourhood brunch restaurant with multiple branches all across London. Their Iced Latte comes in frozen Espresso ice cubes and your choice of milk to pour in. The longer you leave the milk and coffee to infuse, the stronger the coffee will taste!

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

It may not be the most sung-about item on Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream’s menu but they certainly make a good cup of iced coffee! Check out the Kape Kulay, especially the Ube Iced Latte which features Filipino-speciality Barako espresso, coconut milk, and their homemade Ube syrup. In addition to Ube flavour, they now also offer Milo Latte (malted chocolate cream) and Black Buko Latte (activated charcoal coconut cream) flavours as well.

Location: Kentish Town / Chinatown / Westfield White City

Instagram: mamasonsdirtyicecream

Cafe Leon Dore

Freddo Cappuccino at Leon Dore Cafe
Photo credits to Aim Leon Dore

The fancy New York City-based coffee shop has opened up a flagship store in Soho London! Aimé Leon Dore is a menswear fashion & lifestyle brand in New York and also has a cafe specialising in Greek-inspired coffees. The Iced Freddo Espresso & Freddo Cappuccino are the two highlights on their menu, featuring Loumidis Greek Coffee beans for their distinct aroma and flavour, and whisked till incredibly frothy and airy for the ultimate mouthfeel. If you fancy a nibble, don’t miss out on their Melomakarona (honey and walnut) cookies which make the perfect pairing with your Freddo coffee!


Knoops not only specialises in hot chocolate but also iced chocolates, as well as Iced Mocha. But it’s not going to be your regular cup of mocha. At Knoops, you can choose from white, milk or dark chocolate, as well as your own choice of milk for the mocha. With their exceptional knowledge in crafting the perfect chocolate drink, you can count on them for an excellent iced mocha as well.

Ngopi Cafe

Ngopi Cafe is the first and only Indonesian coffee shop brand in the UK and serves a range of unique Southeast Asian-flavoured coffees. Think of the likes of Pink Banana Latte, Taro Latte, Kopi Susu, etc. No matter which drinks you pick, without a doubt, you’d be treated to an exquisite cup of coffee. Ngopi uses only high-quality and ethnically sourced coffee beans from various regions in Indonesia and they are roasted in-house with their Indonesian-made roasting machine to preserve the best freshness and aroma. 

Mei Mei Borough Market

Kopi Peng at Mei Mei London in Borough Market

Speaking of Southeast Asian coffee, Mei Mei in Borough Market makes quite a stellar cup of Kopi Peng as well. The Singaporean Kopitiam offers traditional Nanyang coffee and makes an authentic cup of kopi, i.e. coffee with condensed milk. Order it peng (iced) and it’s the perfect sweet & caffeinated refreshment you need in the summer heat. If you fancy a bite, we recommend getting the Kaya Toast!

Location: Borough Market (click to open location on Google Maps)

Instagram: meimeilondon


HOKO Yuen Yeung

I always say a cup of Hong Kong-style Milk Tea is almost as strong as a cup of coffee. What could possibly be stronger and more caffeinated than that? Hong Kong-style Yuen Yeung – a blend of both Hong Kong-style milk tea and coffee together. It is a traditional speciality drink in Hong Kong that requires the perfect balance of three parts coffee and seven parts HK-style Milk Tea. It’s safe to say that HOKO has nailed that balance and makes a really authentic cup of Yuen Yeung. You can find them at weekend pop-ups (check their social media on location) or on this stocklist. Alternatively, they also offer nationwide delivery here.

Kuro Coffee

Iced Matcha Latte and Iced Latte at Kuro Coffee London

If you are looking for a quality coffee shop in Notting Hill, it’s definitely worth checking out Kuro Coffee. The Japanese minimalism-inspired coffee shop serves amazing quality coffee. Their iced lattes are a joy to enjoy on a hot day, featuring top-quality milk from The Estate Dairy (alternative milk also available) and offers a rich & full-bodied flavour without leaving a bitter aftertaste.

The Whale Tea

Dalgona Coffee Boba at The Whale Tea London
Photo credits to the Whale Tea

Last but not least, I’d like to throw in a bubble tea option as well onto this list. The Whale Tea is no doubt one of my top bubble tea spots in London and they make an excellent cup of Dalgona Coffee Boba! Though personally, I think their Matcha Dalgona is most impressive. This is because it’s only a very fine balance between matcha and coffee without one overpowering the other. But The Whale Tea has really nailed it,  offering a good hit of coffee to start with and then the matcha seeping through as an afternote.

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