The Best Pancakes in London

Pancake Day is just around the corner! If you don’t fancy making your own pancakes this year (although I do have the perfect pancake recipe for you), London is no short of restaurants serving some spectacular pancakes to celebrate the occasion. Whilst some are currently closed due to restrictions, many are available via delivery platforms. I’ve included them here on the list so that you can bookmark them for visiting when the restaurants reopen again! So here it is, a list of the best pancakes in London to satisfy all your pancake cravings.

*Header photo credits to Where The Pancakes Are

Where the Pancakes Are

Buttermilk Pancakes from Where The Pancakes Are
Photos credits to Where The Pancakes Are

Specialising in just pancakes alone for the restaurant, Where The Pancakes Are is no doubt one of the top spots for pancakes in London. Its menu offers both sweet and savoury buttermilk varieties, as well as oven-baked Dutch pancakes. Vegan, dairy-free and wheat-free options are available too.

Want to recreate these flavours at home? Where The Pancakes Are offers DIY pancakes meal kits, which you can order online, for UK nationwide delivery.

Where The Pancakes Are is open for takeaway and delivery on Deliveroo.

Location: Southwark


Instagram: @wherethepancakesare


Pancakes topped with Cardamom, Caramelised Banana, Creme Fraiche, and maple & rose syrup at Gunpowder
Photo credits to Gunpowder

Fancy something a little different? Why not try out Gunpowder’s pancakes with an Indian twist? They are topped with cardamom, caramelised bananas, a dollop of crème fraiche, and served with maple and rose syrup.

Gunpowder is available for delivery on Deliveroo and Slerp.

Location: Tower Bridge


Instagram: @gunpowder_london

Cha Cha Roll

Japanese Souffle Pancakes topped with Tapioca Pearls at Cha Cha Roll

You didn’t think I’m going to forget about Japanese Souffle Pancakes on this list, did you?! Fuwafuwa might have come into the market first, but personally, I would recommend Cha Cha Roll instead (up for debate). A variety of topping combos are available, including Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea, Premium Matcha, Custard Creme Brulee, Tiramisu, Strawberry Pistachio, and Mango Pomelo.

In addition, Cha Cha Roll offers a fully halal savoury menu serving Bento Boxes and more!

Cha Cha Roll is open for takeaway and is available for delivery on Deliveroo and UberEats.

Location: Covent Garden


Instagram: @chacharolluk

Granger & Co

Ricotta Hotcakes at Granger & Co

Their Ricotta Hotcakes (and silky scrambled eggs) took social media by storm at a time and continue to remain popular today as a firm favourite for best pancakes in London. The hotcakes are as fluffy as they look, complete with banana (and sometimes strawberries), their signature honeycomb butter, and a side of maple syrup.

Granger & Co is currently available for click & collect.

Location: Nottinghill / Clerkenwell / Chelsea / Kings Cross


Instagram: @grangerandco

Outsider Tart

Buttermilk American Pancakes at Outsider Tart
Photo credits to Outsider Tart

When it comes to pancakes, American style wins by a mile. Outsider Tart offers proper American-style pancakes, come in serving sizes of short, regular, or long haul. They also offer weekends specials as well, featuring flavour combos that’d guarantee to ‘feed your soul’.

Outsider Tart is open for takeaway and is available for delivery on Deliveroo.

Location: Chiswick


Instagram: @outsidertart

My Old Dutch

Pancakes with blueberries, strawberries, maple and cream at My Old Dutch
Photo credits to My Old Dutch

Whether you want thin or thick pancakes, savoury or sweet, or mini poffertjes, My Old Dutch has got it all. Their extensive menu offers a wide variety of toppings combos, as well as seasonal flavours, or simply design your own!

My Old Dutch is open for takeaway and is available for delivery on Deliveroo & UberEats.

Location: Chelsea / Kensington / Holborn


Instagram: @myolddutchpancakes

Burnt Toast Cafe

Pancakes topped with caramelised bananas, chocolate sauce, maple syrup and butterscotch sauce at Burnt Toast Cafe

The local gem of Brixton Village, Burnt Toast Cafe, serves up some of the fluffiest and arguably best pancakes in London. They come with the toppings combo of your choice and are drenched in both maple syrup and butterscotch sauce. Their usual crowd and queue is the perfect testament to how good these pancakes are.

Burnt Toast Cafe is open for takeaway.

Location: Brixton

Daisy Green Collection

Blueburry Pancakes from Daisy Green Collection
Photo credits to Daisy Green Collection

Whether it’s Scarlett Green, Barbie Green, Timmy Green, Daisy Green…Daisy Green Collection’s range of Aussie cafes easily makes one of the most popular brunch spots in London. Their Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes, topped with fresh berries, honey mascarpone cream, and pure maple, are a popular catch. I mean, how could one not love them when it’s also prettily topped with a flower as well?

*The Daisy Green Collection cafes are temporarily closed until further government notice.

Location: Marylebone (Daisy Green) / Soho (Scarlett Green) / Moorgate (Barbie Green) / Victoria (Timmy Green)


Instagram: @daisygreencollection

The Wolseley

Pancake stack topped with seasonal berries at Wolseley
Photo credits to The Wolseley

Its grand art-deco glamour attracts both Londoners and tourists alike, and its pancake stacks look just as gorgeous as the grandeur of its interior. These incredibly fluffy pancakes are regularly featured on The Wolseley’s breakfast menu and are easily their most popular breakfast item. Choose from just a simple side of maple syrup or get them topped with a variety of seasonal berries.

*The Wolseley is temporarily closed until further government notice.

Location: Green Park


Instagram: @thewolseley

Chiltern Firehouse

Pancake stack topped with blueberries, creme fraiche and maple syrup at the Chiltern Firehouse
Photo credits to King Ken Eats

They are definitely pricier than your usual pancake stack but it’s going to be well worth it. Chiltern Firehouse, a former firehouse in Marylebone now transformed into acclaimed Hotel & Restaurant. They are served plain on its own with toppings on the side, including blueberries, crème fraîche & maple syrup.

*The Chiltern Firehouse is temporarily closed until further government notice.

Location: Marylebone


Instagram: @chilternfirehouse

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